Parenting Decoded

34 - Life Skills for Teens

June 14, 2021 Mary Eschen Season 1 Episode 34
Parenting Decoded
34 - Life Skills for Teens
Show Notes

In this episode we’ll talk about how to get our older kids, teens and tweens, to experience the bigger picture stuff and expose them to some of the messiness of life in a loving, supportive environment where they might even mess up some.  Everything from chores they should know how to do on their own to handling money, cars and how to get a part time job.  I’ll talk about planning vacations in addition to how to handle routine paperwork and cooking.  It’s sort of a laundry list of items I think any parent should consider when training your kids for the future.  

 Here's a list of topics that are covered:
Cleaning House
Yard work
Filling out forms
Getting a part-time job
Keeping track of time
Vacation planning
Car driving, care and maintenance


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