Parenting Decoded

35 - How to Teach Kids to Apologize

July 01, 2021 Season 1 Episode 35
Parenting Decoded
35 - How to Teach Kids to Apologize
Show Notes

In this episode learn how to get to the heart of your child and teach them how to apologize. 
Learn how to:
1 - Wait till the emotion has passed
2 - Brainstorm with your child to encourage ideas of how the apology can work for them
3 - If their hearts won't melt then allow consequences of their poor decision to not apologize guide them to make better choices. 

Did your parents ever force you to apologize? Did it really make you feel sorry? I’m guessing that, like me, you probably just felt worse, felt embarrassed and it made you even more mad at whatever/whomever caused you to be rude in the first place. 

Apologies are really important, however; what we want is for the heart of our kid to change, to have them understand that their behavior was unacceptable and caused hurt in another human being.  In this podcast are some ideas that might be more effective at changing your child's heart instead of just forcing them through the motions of an insincere “I’m sorry.”


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