Parenting Decoded

39 - Bad Teachers and How to Deal With Them

August 20, 2021 Season 1 Episode 39
Parenting Decoded
39 - Bad Teachers and How to Deal With Them
Show Notes

In this podcast I cover a few things.  First, what do bad teachers look like?  How do they behave? Next, what can you do about it as a parent and, lastly, what can your child do about making it through the year in once piece having learned what they need to. 
Three types of bad teachers:
Fluffy - ones that are nice but don't teach the material
Boring - ones that put you to sleep they are so uninspiring
Mean - ones that yell and are just plain mean; they might have favorites in the class and spend all their time with them; they might get mad at kids who don't understand

In the podcast I go over a step-by-step approach on what to do.  Read the transcript listed below if you'd like more details. 
1 - Wait and See while doing research
2 - Communicate with the school

  • Start with meeting the teacher and discussing the issues
  • If needed, escalate to a combo meeting with the principal and the teacher
  • If your lone parent concerns aren't addressed then gather together a group of parents to go collectively to meet with the administration

3 - Teach your child ways to cope with the bad teacher

  • encourage them to approach the teacher and ask for help
  • augment their learning in whatever way makes sense - online, tutors, study groups
  • be there!  empathize! love them through it

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