Parenting Decoded

43 - Siblings Who Hate Each Other: What to Do

January 10, 2022 Season 1 Episode 43
Parenting Decoded
43 - Siblings Who Hate Each Other: What to Do
Show Notes

Siblings who hate each other is unfortunately all too common an issue for parents to ignore.  In this podcast we explore what a parent can do with their kids who aren't getting along, who are unbearably mean to each other. 

Our kids fighting all the time can be:
1 - draining for the ENTIRE family
2 - full of opportunities to learn some life lessons about getting along

In order to help stop the energy drain and actually learn those lessons that will help later in life we cover  three possible solutions to try:
1 - Use FAMILY MEETINGS to help set boundaries and Family Rules of Respect
2 - Set up SPECIAL TIME to make sure your parent connection is secure and each of the siblings feel listened to and heard.
3 - Use LOVE LANGUAGES to help the entire family understand what motivates each person in a language that speaks to their inner being where love and acceptance is florishing

There are a few other resources mentioned in this podcast that can give you further examples and information:
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Pint-Sized Treasure's article: “What to Do When Your Kids Hate Each Other”
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