Win the Food Fight

106. Sugar, Toxic Food and Mood with Melissa Really

January 24, 2022 Michele Vilseck
Win the Food Fight
106. Sugar, Toxic Food and Mood with Melissa Really
Show Notes

Melissa Deally is an Integrative Health Practitioner & Registered Health Coach, dedicated to helping her clients get to the root cause of their health issue and truly heal. She uses a 2 prong approach to discover your toxic load and lower it and discover your body’s imbalances and support them with natural supplements and herbs so the body can come back into balance.

In this episode, she gives us a detailed dive into what foods altar our mood, what sugar is doing to your body, and the sleep-energy-food connection.

Melissa is  the host of the “Don’t Wait For Your Wake Up Call!” podcast, offering practical education around health, which ranked in the top 5% of Global podcasts by Listen Notes in the first 3 months of launching. 

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Podcast:  “Don’t Wait For Your Wake Up Call!” Podcast

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