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Mindfully Coping With Difficult Emotions
March 09, 2017 Mindful Oklahoma
Jeff talks about the importance of learning to mindfully cope with and "sit with" difficult emotions versus trying to ignore them or trying to make them go away and how mindfulness mediation can be a viable practice to help us do this more effectively in the moment when we find ourselves in stressful situations. He also speaks about how "feelings aren't facts" and how we can benefit from not focusing on trying to understand where these emotions come from and not expending any energy being attached to any stories that our minds come up with as that just perpetuates the suffering that we endure. Lastly, he talks about how one of the most painful and unsettling thoughts that we can have about these difficult emotions is about how long will they last and will they ever go away and how we can "catch ourselves in the act" of worrying about this and just letting go and taking our reactions to them less seriously.
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