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The Mindful Life-What It's All About
April 06, 2017 Mindful Coping Skills For The Real World
Jeff talks how he, just like all people who practice mindfulness, are sometimes susceptible to struggling and that this practice doesn't make us immune to the things that trips all of us up from time to time. He speaks about how mindfulness practice doesn't make our struggles go away, it just helps us to be able to more deeply embrace them and to "sit with them" with more patience, acceptance, grace, and equanimity. He goes on to reflect on how much mindfulness practice has helped him cope more effectively and that while it cannot make us immune to human struggles or to help us to be able to achieve a greater level of perfection, it can help us treat ourselves and others with more compassion and can help us to be more open to our own and others weaknesses and shortcomings as we are only human. Lastly, he reflects on how the practice has not taken him to a higher spiritual level or made him perfect or immune to the shortcomings and flaws that all of us humans have, but it has made him "less of a mess" and less susceptible to being caught up in the "trance of mindlessness." But most importantly, he has to keep practicing day in and day out as it is a "diminishing skill" and must be utilized daily in the midst of the storm, while life is happening, in real time.
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