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A Key Ingredient In Mindfulness Practice-Finding The Balance
April 26, 2017 Mindful Coping Skills For The Real World
Program Note-This episode is connected to a previous episode called The Meditative Witness. Jeff explores how the common tendency of "living inside our own heads" can cause us to lose perspective and can make it tough to stay connected with the present moment and with what's going on around us. He takes a deeper look into how this tendency to be too focused on "what's inside" has presented challenges in his own life and how mindfulness practice has helped reinforce the practice of staying aware of what is going on "outside" around him and with other people that he is interacting with and that he has relationships with. In the end, he has learned that one of the keys to maintaining a more sustained mindful awareness is cultivating a life of balance that is focused on BOTH the inner and outer life and how one actually feeds the other in an ongoing mindfulness practice.
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