(un)Quarantined Episode 4: Walmart and Advance Beauty College Executives

April 09, 2020 IW Group Season 1 Episode 4
(un)Quarantined Episode 4: Walmart and Advance Beauty College Executives
Show Notes

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Walmart isn’t just a large retailer; they also provide opportunities for small-business owners and entrepreneurs to operate their shops in participating Walmart stores throughout the country. This includes hair and nail salons. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these small businesses that are deemed “non-essential” operations by local, regional or state governments have had to close their doors temporarily until the threat of the coronavirus subsides. Hair and nail salons are also unable to practice “social distancing”—another precaution that is known to help slow the spread of COVID-19. To give these small-business owners support, Walmart will not require hair and nail salons to pay rent for a full month. 


Advance Beauty is one of the largest professional hair and nail salon schools in the country, training hundreds of students—many of whom are immigrants to the U.S.—on how to become successful employees and entrepreneurs. Advance Beauty is a family-run business whose owners devote hundreds of hours to community service. Their owners recognize that many of their alumni, who work in hair and nail salons or own them, are dealing with the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Episode 4: A conversation with Walmart and Advance Beauty College on the impact on nail salons and the beauty industry during COVID-19. 

Featuring: Linne Fulcher, (Vice President, Customer Strategy, Science and Journey) and Tam Nguyen (Advance Beauty College Executive) 

Moderated By: Eljay Feuerman

Recorded on 4/2/2020 from our respective homes over a conference call. 
Week 3 of the Quarantine.