(un)Quarantined Episode 6: Education

April 15, 2020 IW Group
(un)Quarantined Episode 6: Education
Show Notes

Uncanned, Unfiltered, (un)Quarantined. A podcast where national and regional leaders call-in to have unfiltered conversations. 

Episode 6: With school campuses closed across the state, non-profit leaders, educators, and parents discuss how COVID-19 has impacted theirs and their kids lives. 

Featuring: Stephanie Nitahara (Kizuna), Michelle Yamashiro (Gardena Valley JCI Board Member), Marisa Katsuda (Middle School Math Educator), Brooke Weisinger (Parent SF Japantown), Scott Okamoto (Community Member, Parent LA)

Moderated By: Scott Shima 

Recorded on 4/2/2020 from our respective homes over a conference call. 

Week 3 of the Quarantine.

Please check out this comprehensive list of resources you and your children can access: