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"I am ____" and this is my story

Bismark Boateng

Welcome to the " I am _____ and this is my story podcast. I've always found people to be very interesting in their own unique ways. We have different paths in this journey we call life and everyone has their own battles. Our stories are what make us different because it builds a lot of character and teaches us about who we are. I created this platform or podcast for people to share their stories. Story telling builds empathy and compassion where we are able to be in the shoes of the other person thus breeding love and understanding. Social media is a great platform but we don't get to know the true character of the person behind the pictures and videos. My goal is to have an open dialogue where people can share their stories of hope, love, heartbreak, resilience etc. Our stories are so powerful because they have the ability to impact another person's life."I'm writing my story so that others might see fragments of themselves" - Lena WaitheEvery week there will be a special guest on the show who will captivate us with their incredible story. Hope you guys stay tuned in and give a listening ear to these great stories.If interested on being on the podcast, please do not hesitate to send me a message to set something up.ThanksBismark

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