Beautiful Savior Sermons

BSLC Palm Sunday Sermon 2022

April 10, 2022 Beautiful Savior, SeaTac WA
Beautiful Savior Sermons
BSLC Palm Sunday Sermon 2022
Show Notes

April 10th 2022
Palm Sunday
Life Together Series

How do you see Jesus this day? Is this a day of celebration? Or is this your King coming to you in your time of need? We have been looking at what Bonhoeffer has been saying about the Christian life, Does Palm Sunday reflect how you live your life?

From a reflection on Bonhoeffer’s Life:

Bonhoeffer looked to Jesus’ life when he made his decision to return to Germany and stay beyond the point of no return. The way he put it was, if he stayed safely in New York throughout the war and then returned to Germany, he wouldn’t have anything to offer to his companions in the Confessing Church who had suffered through the war. Anything he tried to offer them, as he put it, would be “cheap grace.” It would be hollow comfort from someone who had abandoned them in their time of greatest need. Bonhoeffer looked at how Jesus went all in to save his friends, and he decided that he wanted to be able to offer that kind of “costly grace.”

John 12:12–19
1 Peter 3:13–22



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