The Swear Jar

Communications Can’t Solve Your Sh*t

May 01, 2020 Season 1 Episode 2
The Swear Jar
Communications Can’t Solve Your Sh*t
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Summary of Episode

There’s a dangerous assumption about employee communications that runs rampant in far too many organizations. Specifically, that by focusing on employee communications, you can cure practically everything. 

Sure, more often than not employee communications is a vital component in helping organizations succeed but, rarely does focusing on it alone help you successfully tackle difficult organizational issues.

So, how do you know if this shi**y assumption has taken root in your organization? Well, you can see it in: 1) the language used by your executives and managers; 2) manager’s behaviours; 3) the way communications is staffed/structured in an organization; and 4) job descriptions used to hire, retain and measure those held responsible for employee communications.

For example, just consider that by delegating employee communications to one person or one team alone, the rest of the organization, over time, comes to think “Hey, the communications professional(s) will take care of employee communications. So, that means no one else really has to”.

Focusing on employee communications alone never solves all your sh*t. However, a well-defined, resourced and enabled communications function can play a vital role.

Key Topics

  • The Grand Expectations for Communications (0:57)
  • What it Looks Like When Communications is a Seen as a Cure-all (2:43)
  • The Implications of Thinking Communications is a Cure-all (10:01)
  • What Gives Rise to Communications Being Seen as a Cure-all (10:57)
  • How to Avoid Thinking Communications is a Cure-all (19:38)
  • Summary (22:18)

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