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Ep. 20 - Dick and Paula Arnold
February 22, 2017 StoneCast / Dick and Paula Arnold
What did you do after the war--World War II, that is? Paula Arnold was on the vanguard of women's curling in St. Paul, supported by her husband, Dick, and a band of merry curlers. This week, we've got Dick and Paula Arnold. Tune in for some early Winter Carnival bonspiel talk (they founded it, 1:56); the start of women's curling in St. Paul (6:46); curling with the East Coast (Elitists!) at Ardsley, St. Andrews, and Broomstones Curling Clubs(15:31); hear a bit about Kerr Dunlop, physical culturalist and the St. Paul Saints' biggest fan (17:17); then wrap with some bonspiel tales (punchbowls of martinis?! - 26:20), and a few stories about the Goodwill Bonspiel via single-prop jet (28:40).
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