Ep. 17 - Scott Clasen

October 30, 2016
Show Notes
Kristefor and Scott Clasen, manager of the St. Paul Curling Club, pull up during Saturday Juniors at the St. Paul Curling Club. Jordan is absent this episode, as he takes paternity leave to care for Stella (1:22). We hit the mailbag (2:00); unveil our first ever sponsor, Once Upon a Crime Mystery Bookstore (4:34); Scott gives us an update on the Tuesday work crew accomplishments at the club (5:00); discussion of the Oakville Curling Club and the Lefty Spiel(8:00); then a discussion of the tri-spiel and short end curling (9:20). Ruby joins the podcast (11:52) and Scott discusses the Clasen boys curling pedigree (13:00) and their competitive junior team (18:04). We wade into various USCA topics (19:41); talk about speed skating (25:20); the Puerto Rico curling team (27:37); and conclude with a talk on German fare at the Clasen Oktoberfest party.

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