Ep. 23 - Mike Pfundstein

August 05, 2017
Show Notes
Just throw the f*cking shot, man!” This week on StoneCast, we throw back some bold and spicy Bloody Marys and talk to Mike Pfundstein, AKA Mr. Hobber Dobber. We discuss which curling positions we like and which we struggle with (10:50); a former chef, we chat about which cooking shows are the best (including a brief note of Julia Child’s probable interest in cooking-related bondage at 10:15); Mike’s nuggets of wisdom span league play, broomstacking, and a few thoughts on why leagues beat bonspiels (19:10); also, “slow play SUCKS.” We can’t promise any Olympic-level tips and tricks, but we truly do give the best advice on how to kill it in a 4 P.M. curling match on a Sunday. And as with most things in life, “If you’re not having a good time, you should get the hell off the ice!

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