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Ep. 25 - Kim Rhyme
November 22, 2017 StoneCast
“NARNIA!!” Today we're joined by Kim Rhyme, power curler and wonder dancer (1:15). The primary purpose of our podcast is concocting better Bloody Marys (1:55), but we also learn about Kim’s background (4:50) and her dance company (5:30). We discuss a Guatemalan exchange student’s future Olympic curling career (9:13). Kim tells us about joining the curling club (12:20) and being a vagabond competitive curler with her sister, Katie (15:05). We discuss two proposals in the curling world (15:45, 16:38), watch a jig-dancing video of Arnold Asham (24:20), and finally promote Kim’s curling podcast and a thrilling book (27:30).
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