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Ep. 29 Field Notes: Granite Curling Club Summer Spiel
July 17, 2018 StoneCast
In the middle of June, Jordan flew to Seattle for the annual Granite Curling Club Summer Spiel. Hosted by Todd Schultz and GCC president Phil Shryock, the Summer Spiel was three days of World Cup-themed curling and excellent, excellent food. Northwest Correspondent Geoff Ujdur skipped the team and joined Jordan with Todd and Phil late before their Saturday match in StoneCast's first Field Notes. After two long days of spieling, the conversation covers a brief history of the GCC, the polyamorous scene in Seattle, "that guy" at every bonspiel, "the pig incident," and more. Thanks to Todd and Phil for taking some time once things were underway. Note: Field Notes #1 was recorded using an old digital recorder and not the finer StoneCast equipment. Volume may vary a bit.
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