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Ep. 31 Rich Ruohonen Part 2 of 2
September 13, 2018 StoneCast

September 13, 2018

Part 2 of 2 StoneCast interviews Rich Ruohonen. Topics include Purple Art (1:20), Past Episode Critiques (4:53), The Tiger Woods of Curling (10:41), Rich's One and Only 8-ender (13:04), Techno Broom (15:58), The Best Sweepers (17:34), St Paul Cash Spiel Cure Lupus Spiel (23:00), Listener Questions (26:53), Curling Clubs, Head Injuries, and Liability (30:45), and Where did TSR Time come from? (37:30).
Part 2 of 2 StoneCast interviews Rich Ruohonen. Topics include Purple Art (1:20), Past Episode Critiques (4:53), The Tiger Woods of Curling (10:41), Rich's One and Only 8-ender (13:04), Techno Broom (15:58), The Best Sweepers (17:34), St Paul Cash Spiel Cure Lupus Spiel (23:00), Listener Questions (26:53), Curling Clubs, Head Injuries, and Liability (30:45), and Where did TSR Time come from? (37:30).

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:00Were you recently injured in a high stakes curling match? Skewered while broom stacking or assaulted by a belligerent spieler?

Speaker 2:0:07Do you suffer from phantom shoulder, arm and leg pain due to atrophy from being off the ice? Do you yearn for the days of Golden Tack Radio? If so, called stone cast. It's Ajr time

Speaker 1:0:21somewhere in the darkness. There's a man they call the skipper fast asleep dreaming of gold.

Speaker 3:0:34We'd rather stay in soda job.

Speaker 1:1:13You're listening to stone cast curling in the twin cities with Jordan wicklund and Christopher listening.

Speaker 2:1:19My Dad's never missed a shot. Still to your dad is hilarious. He has never missed a shot to this day. Is that pick two that pick was I? Why'd I go dad? We backed out. I stopped at the first hog line when you let it go because I knew you were a two feet wide. Like I mean like were you wide? Of course you are white, you know, but, but dads don't make many errors. Experience they don't. And you know, in his defense he's taken me to the lots of skills and, and made me part of who I am today. And, but he has never missed a shot. I mean it had to have picked every time he misses him and he hasn't gotten any better at, in his seventies either. I'll tell you that, but he still throws pretty well for any, makes a lot of shots. And

Speaker 1:2:02a couple of years ago I was practicing up in Blaine and he's next door, I think he was like the sheet two sheets down and he'd got some new shoes or something and yeah. And he, he like, he's like super gregarious. He comes up to me, he's like, I think I should know you. And I'm like, oh, I'll go in. And then he told me all about you, like, I think you had done an injury or he had an injury and he was like, this is the first time I've been on. I got new shoes. I was like, Oh

Speaker 2:2:27yeah. I think a drunk driver, I don't know if the guy was drunk because they ended up catching him, but he, he chased the guy down as he's got his car can barely work and he's driving after the guy. And so yeah, it was a, this is my dad for you. So I tell them I'm representing them, but you don't want the adjuster didn't know that your, it's your dad, right? Because they know you can't sue out your case against your dad, with your dad because you can have your, you can't represent your see private to refer to a different firm. Right? He can't,

Speaker 4:3:03it's probably not a good way to say this is inside baseball lawyer stuff, but I think everybody knows this. And so I, I tell him

Speaker 2:3:11like, they know Tsr, most people don't know that it's running. So whatever you do do not. He's going to meet with this adjuster right to show him he's got a kind of a shoulder thing, a whinging thing and his shoulder from this accident. And I said, whatever you do, do not tell them that I am your son. And I had my partner chuck go in with them. Right. And, and chuck handled the case from the beginning because this was the whole plan, right? The first thing my dad says is, do you know my son Richard Bruning?

Speaker 4:3:44And I'm just like, oh my God, here we go. He's like, uh, I'm going to have to go back to the vehicle. Oh my God. Texts I wanted to high five his face, if you know what I mean. Like, Dad, come on, I told the

Speaker 2:3:58thing you shouldn't say you said in about a minute or so. And some people say where, you know, the same guy. So he's a key member of your family, but your dad is a key member of the twin cities curling like old school. Oh yeah. You know, those purple pants that he had for years, he finally changed them. But those were from bud, bud grant. True Story. He went to a, uh, he got them from, from bud gray. They weren't bud grant, but they were from the vikings. He was at a, some sort of tour, you know, meeting with them in now and they gave him those pants. So he wore those for 30 years. Don't even know how they were. They still worked but. And He, you know, he used to, you got the purple Bro. I'll wrap it up. And he's known as purple art. And back in the day, I got knighted by the Vulcans, the son of purple, um, you know, um, or actually it wasn't the Vulcans, it was the, the, the court, the king and queen because they nominate.

Speaker 4:4:54That's bigger, bigger, much bigger, much bigger, much bigger, big as it gets tremendous that I have that frame somewhere. So I have a, uh, we're running out of time, but I have a couple of things that I wanted to be a limit on what we have to somehow get this down about 30 minutes. It's going to be hard, but can't do that. It's got to be an hour and a half. People got to hear what I got to make it easy. Just hit the maximum unsubscribed. No. So it could be your best podcast of all time. I mean, I've listened to some of them. Do you hear this? We. Oh, know which one is you listened to? I listened to you a couple. I listened. Send

Speaker 2:5:34the Richfield one from recently. I listened to Mary dues who, who had, um, I had a, I knew a lot of the same memories that she had, you know, about. I didn't remember the piano upstairs. That's one of the members I remembered the crying room. Yeah. I remembered that the kids really couldn't go upstairs unless they were in the crying room, you know, or the, whatever you want to call it. Um, uh, member of the

Speaker 4:5:58crying room is a ipad. The kid put your kid on the couch with an ipad. That's the crying room. She's um, she's definitely right about, like, they, they scared us in juniors to like, you got to clean the ice and if you don't come down for the international and the cash Spiel, you to clean the ice. We weren't getting trophies, you know, she's right about that. And um, we also, uh, I remember there's a foosball table downstairs and the big tournaments all the time with the kids and you know, so, uh, but I think, I think she was wrong in a couple things, like a junior curling, you know, the mic rug. Mike rug started that and I don't remember. She said something that I didn't think was quite right, but she did say that they're in a head to head battle between you and John Benton, that John Benton would kick your ass.

Speaker 4:6:46She said that. Didn't she say that? Uh, John Benton, who is that? I feel like this is a silver sponsor to them. I don't know. John and I haven't played a lot of times against each other a lot of times with each other and he's been one of my best friends for, you know, 40, 35 years, something like that. So I love Johnny. Um, you know, we get on each other's nerves a lot like best friends do or good friends do. But, you know, overall johnny has been a great ambassador of the sport and um, you know, we broke up a and a year later I went to worlds in new romantic, no texts, no hard. We were, we were on the same team in 2007. Uh, I, if I got the right year right. And then we decided to call it quits and I went to the worlds and the next year and he went to the Olympics the following year.

Speaker 4:7:38So I would say it was a great move for both of us. I mean, you know, although we should went to the Olympics that year and not John, you know that John Right deep down. I'm just going to lead with. Hopefully he's. Hopefully he's listening now. I love Johnny. He's a great guy. And you know, we've been through a lot together. So you guys, uh, used to run the St Paul cash built? Yeah, we ran it for, with, with his, his previous wife Carrie, who is awesome as well. We ran that spiel for. We took it over from Kent Beetle. I don't remember the exact year to be honest. The needle breathe. You don't breathe or you talk to Ken. We should get kept on because he's interesting. He's like, he, he like the most pro us Osi guy that you'll ever meet. Like really? Oh yeah.

Speaker 4:8:24Because I didn't know that actually. Yeah. Like I was like, there was that when the Scott's came to town or whatever, I was at St Paul and I interviewed the Scottish dude and whatever and I was talking to Ken and he was like, we're like, I try to avoid all that because I just want to curl you. I don't really want to get into all that, but there was something going on and he was talking to me and he was like, yeah, usually people just don't understand, you know, the US. Osi or not the US also USA curling, not us use use. Uh, yeah. Well I will, I will tell you Kent,

Speaker 2:8:56definitely I know where he's coming from. He's right about that. The one problem, and I love St Paul. I've been a lifetime member, you know, or whatever. It's been a long time listener. First time caller. Yeah, 30 some years. Right in St Paul. I also am a founding member of Blaine. I paid the 2,500 bucks to be a lifetime member there. I'm also paid it for my daughter and my son. One of the smaller, or maybe it was in 25, it was 1500, I can't remember, but whatever. Um, if you don't know, why don't you just say it was five k? Well, whatever it was it was, it was either 1500 or $25, but whatever it was, I bought $500 for my son and my daughter who was playing at the time, we went the full membership amount and you know, so I love, I love that. Um, uh, both clubs.

Speaker 2:9:46But Kent, um, was one of the first people to, there was this in St Paul, there was this kind of, people didn't like the competitive scene. They didn't feel like it did anything for the club because it wasn't part of the club. Okay. You know, it wasn't, it wasn't to raise money for the club. It wasn't to current. We've heard some stuff about that. Yeah, for sure. And I don't mind saying it, being um, being a longtime member, it's absolutely true. They, we did a lot for the club, but we didn't go maybe pound nails and fix things like that. But we brought in many new members of the club, friends of mine who played for a few years. We have done learned to curls. I've taught people how to curl. I'm out there practicing and next to someone and it's not too often like if tiger woods is hitting balls that you can just go to the somebody that played at a world level or a national level and say, Hey, what's wrong with my slide?

Speaker 2:10:43And Are you saying that that was terrible. That is not. I'm not the tiger woods. That was terrible. But I'm just giving you example speed. Maybe there'll be speed or maybe just somebody bad mickelson heavy bias stereos or something. I don't know. But I'm just saying like it's not too often you can play, you know, John Schuster's throwing rocks who is probably more of the tiger woods. Right. And he will come out and help someone figure out their slide. That just doesn't happen in any other sport. Right. And when he is, when he and people like him, me and other people are willing to just do that. I helped some people with their slides and Blaine last weekend, you know, just hey, let's you going to help me on my alternate. Well I get a lot of work. I don't think I have that much time, but we'll, we'll try.

Speaker 2:11:33I'll definitely take it for, for a lesson. But no seriously. And so when we started playing at this level and TV started getting involved in, you know, it was on the Internet and all this, we still had this kind of sense that St Paul, that people weren't behind the competitive curlers, the board, you know, the people and not that. And those guys are all my friends now still to this day and I think if they really admitted except for Eric Ordway. Yeah. I mean, well Eris way too young to know this, but careful they would, they would. It just wasn't like competitive curling mattered. You know, it doesn't matter the club matters. But the reason that St Paul went from 400 500 members to 1400 members, no question in the last 20 years is because of Olympic curling is because of what the USCPA did. It's because of the notoriety being on TV shoots her winning the gold right now. I mean these clubs are packed. We can it.

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Speaker 2:13:05I, I gotta tell you this one wilmer story and you're going to probably have to separate this podcast into two podcasts kits. This kit, it's that good, but I've been trying to get it. I got a great Walmart story for you. So we have this shot on sheet three, four in a gender. And um, my first shot, I have to actually tick one of ours in, enroll in and just kind of splitted in, right? Even though they're laying one in the back. And I'm hoping, you know, hey, if I can take this in, come off and roll under, maybe they'll draw whatever they do, draw their light. And my next shot is I've got it. I've got to throw like a hack to backline, waiter, tick off one of ours to get to one of theirs in the back 12 and knock it out for an eight.

Speaker 2:13:54And if you played with wilmer, you know that he's going to tell you. Don't be like, don't be heavy, don't be wide, don't be narrow. He's going to talk to you the whole time you come down. And so my brother was in the house. This is back when my brother played and wilmer, it's the second and I'm coming down the ice and now everybody on all the sheets has come over to. So they're all standing on sheet four and they're all standing on sheet too. No pressure. Yeah. And they are watching because this is a big deal. You know, this is like this. It's harder than a hole in one in golf, no question about it. There's not even a question, you know, and I got to make not only not like a wide open hit, I got to actually take one of mine without knocking it out to get around this other one to take the back one and wilmer comes out locking out past the hog line to meet me and I say, don't say a word to me because I know he's going to say be heavy, don't be late, don't be whatever you know.

Speaker 2:14:54And we talked about sports psychology, if I tell you right now, don't think about a purple elephant no matter what you do, don't think about a purple elephant, you can't help but think about a purple elephant. And I use this in my practice in law to juries all the time. And so I didn't want him to say a word to me and he just shut up and back to us and I made the shot for the eight and we got an 800 and they swept the piss out of it. All the way down. I'm screaming as loud as I ever have and we got her a gender and, and that's my only one after all the games I played, I had to, I had a ways are shot to make one but miss that and I was laying ate twice. Um, but I didn't have the hammer. Right. So they knocked one out. But anyway, that's how, that was an interesting story because, you know, I'm telling you when people, the one thing in curling that if I can give the best advice I can give is don't tell someone, don't be heavy, don't tell someone, don't be light. Yeah, you can say it's okay to be a little bit light. It's okay to be to make sure they're

Speaker 1:15:58so at the um, about a year ago, I think the New York Times or maybe the New Yorker published about sports technology and apparently there's a, there's a broom company that has a sort of, um, like a, a Gi rater or something that, it's giving you data based on the weight you put on the broom as well as the angle. And it will literally like over time it will tell you based on your Bmi and like, like what is your best sweeping approach. Okay. Have you had any experience with brooms like that? Uh, actually,

Speaker 2:16:32uh, so the USTA has a broom that measures the amount of, I believe it's how much pressure you put on the broom and how fast you move it. And it gets like a calculation. It's probably the same. And uh, they had it at about three weeks ago. I helped out at a junior camp and I taught some kids a strategy stuff and some things like that I helped out for about five hours with Dave Jensen and some people from USA curling. You use a curling. And it was all kids about 16 to 19 or something like that, 14 to 19, something like that. And um, they had that broom there and I've seen it before. And then at the combines they have it and this broom measures sweeping. And when I told you call and Huffman was the best sweeper. My understanding is when they did the, the, the combined four years ago there was whatever the measurement is and I can't tell you how it works, but he had like 27,000 and the nearest person was 19,000.

Speaker 2:17:35So the next nearest person. This is some of the best speakers in the country. This is crafts or rating for this is this is the guys that were in the, you know, that are on the best teams. This is heath Mccormick's team and John Schuster's team and people like that. Right. And Collin is a third higher than everybody. So it measures both force and yet like the amount of pressure and and, and the speed and the speed drop is a pretty kick ass curler. Korea was probably the next highest are up their close but, but you know, big argument and curling that you sleep. Do you sleep with a slider? There's very few people that other than Ben Hiebert I would say cory drop can maybe, but I wouldn't put them in the same class because nothing against Korea. I Love Korea is one of good friends of mine.

Speaker 2:18:28But you, Ben Heber is suites with a slider, and Mark Kennedy I think does a Brett coolant, I don't think does, and there is a big argument and curly and about. Can you put more pressure? I think it's a no brainer argument that if you have to slot to grippers on, you can lay more pressure on the broom they teach. Plus the problem is when you're, when you're playing with Kevin Cooley who throws super big as bombs in history, you can't almost, you have to run to keep up with the rock if you have to grippers on versus a slider. And I think that's why Ben does it. And um, but you know, I, I think there's a big controversy and Kirlian about that and I don't think there's any question if you have, especially on a draw, if I need to make it go farther, I want to grippers on that.

Speaker 2:19:21That's my feeling. And I might be wrong on that. I'm not so controversial. Get Letters. You might, you might, I would imagine a lot like a lower center of gravity. Yes. Like the tipping point is you, your feet are planted, your feet are planted with, with 70 percent of your weight on the broom, right? Yeah. And that's why I think when we did the measurements, people like Collin who sweep put two grippers are way higher than the next. I mean like it wasn't even remotely close and that's why, you know, Collins, one of my good friends, but there's no question. He's one of the best. I mean I've had so many people come up to me this year like I, I shot five percent higher because of Colin, you know, cause he can sweep that. Phil can't. Phil's a great sleeper too. So Phil and calling together, it's insane how like I haven't had that kind of sweeping in my life if I wish I did and usually because I was probably sleeping and I'm not that good, you know? But I think to say to clippers makes a difference. That's my feeling. What number were you will mow? What do you mean? What number? If Collin was 20,000, well I didn't get tested because they refuse to allow an old, old fat guy into the, um, into the member. So I was would, right. I think I would have been our initial tests they should do to bring those to like recreational leagues and we should say like, okay, put a bottle of Jameson. Bye guys. I'll just say this. There are people that had been

Speaker 4:20:49thought to be some of the best sweepers and curling and then they take this broom and they are way lower than other people who are not seen to be this or not thought to be good sweepers. And it's the angle of the broom. It's double. Um, I think, I think it means a lot to have to grippers if, from what I've seen, they're, the people with two grippers are higher than the people with a slider. And um, cory, I, I played with him. He's one of the best sweepers in the country. No question. Two dudes. A freaking beast. Like I, I could tell you about the combine. I was embarrassed for me. What? You got a guy doing a, putting a 45 pound weight on his bat and do bag and doing a plank for six minutes. Are you insane? And the rest of us are like a minute and a half, two minutes he's doing.

Speaker 4:21:44Did you get the beep test? He's doing. He's doing 66 pushups in a minute. He's, he's doing or 68 or something like that. He's doing a, you know, a 65 sit ups in a minute in the rest of us. Yeah, I mean it's insane. The dude is, is ripped and unbelievable but he's still a punk and he knows it but. But I'm telling you to grippers makes a difference. That's all I'm gonna say hey, you can agree or not agree with me, but when I see my rocks and I'm shooting fricking 90 percent most of the time. I'm not saying all the time but like some like I mean and at nationals and at worlds is 86 and nine and nine, almost 90, 90 percent. Like come on him. I mean I'm just saying it's not because of me making my shots. Did you send this data to your, to your partners?

Speaker 4:22:37Just say, hey, just so you know. Oh yeah. I, I try to tell him like, you know, just like I carry you in settlements every year I carry teams and curling, you know, I'm saying, Oh, you should be saying to you are the sweeper to my arm. Um, but you know, like if you're measuring the way, like the, the pressure isn't necessarily just the pressure. It's the speed to. Yeah. So how do you know, how much is the speed more applicable or the. I don't know what that part. I don't know. But because you're just, you're just guessing. I'm not a, I'm not as total geek about that kind of stuff. All I know is they have this machine that tells me and I'm going to trust it. I don't know. That's your problem. It's like you start trusting the machines will take over the world.

Speaker 4:23:27I want to go back to the cash spiel. Yes. So you and Benton ran. Ran that for a long time? Yeah, like 20 years I think, or 15. Twenty years. I don't know. So Pete Marine are. No longer running it and so they're not, I didn't know that they resign or not resigned, but they just stopped, decided not to run it. And so next year, uh, todd and Reagan are going to run it really with Carrie. Awesome. And they're going to ask them. She still is involved in curling. She's great. Yeah. And so they're are going to run it and it's going to be a lupus themed Castroville that's awesome. And Reagan's fantastic. I mean like the money she's raised with Lupus as insane. I did not know that was happening and we're, the problem with right now with us is we have to make a certain amount of points to qualify to be able to go to worlds.

Speaker 4:24:21And so we want to play in St Paul because it's cheaper and to be honest, my team has one at three of the last five or six years. So I'm, I want to play in St Paul. You win four grand, five grand, whatever it is and you get points. But if we're the only team with points in there, it's tough to go and we have to decide do we go to this two cells in Toronto? So, um, but I'm glad they're taking it over because I'm sure they're going to do a great job. But the problem for a team that's in the funding program is we have to have a certain amount of points to or we can't go to worlds, right? So do we go to Italy? I would rather stay here. It's great. We have to really get more points. More places, more people. Yeah.

Speaker 4:25:07More good teams play. Right? So if Schuster's there and, and we're there, that's enough to make it a good cash spiel. The whole points thing is really interesting to me or not. Not that interesting, but listening to like I was talking to marine and Rick pullman and they were talking about. So Rick is involved in the international and uh, so there was some talk about getting, uh, the international on that whole points thing. Yep. A spiel like the international doesn't really qualify because there are too many, there's too many non non point steam. And so not legit. Yeah. You have to have the same team for a certain number of fields and if you, if I play with you and Collin were not eligible. Yeah, we're looking forward to that. Okay. All right. Yep. I'm skipping. Well, we'll see about a third right now. Play third place second. Yeah. Got a better than you do a little bit. Just a tiny little second.

Speaker 4:26:09I think we're stopped at a Chris skipping. I think that's pretty much the death of us. But anyway. But no, you're right. There's a lot of great teams and you know what, this whole recording disconnected. There's a, there's a lot of really good teams in the, in the international, right. It is fun, but they're not teams. They, they thrown together to. Even when I play in that I usually play. I might play with Collin but I'll play with two of my buddies. Right. And you know, so. Well, and people are Walmart wouldn't be one of those buddies and people are like, they're like, oh, let's go. You know, it's because it's got a big purse. Right? It's like. And it's a

Speaker 1:26:44fun time. It's like, Hey, let's put together a team and kick ass there and walk away with a nice check. Monte Python. Yeah. European or whatever.

Speaker 2:26:53I love that. That's my favorite movie of all time, by the way. Jay. Was it Jason? Yeah. Great posts. Love it.

Speaker 1:27:00Yeah. And then there was another one after that, uh, that you answered was how does, how does rick balanced curling with pull tab?

Speaker 2:27:06Oh, well, you know, I do a lot of pull tabs on them that curl and that's about it. And while I'm curling, because at the Blaine club they have pull tabs. So you should hammer it. Could you post a couple times on facebook losses? I did. I just put in $400 and I didn't get, I got a call. So the other night that I, I literally put in 40 bucks and one 500 with a buddy of mine. I'm not kidding you. True Story. I don't believe it, but that's all right. No, but I did post about a couple months ago. I lost a boatload, like two or 300 bucks. You know,

Speaker 1:27:40you've curled in a great many clubs and venues over the years. What's your favorite place?

Speaker 2:27:47Favorite place?

Speaker 2:27:51Wow. I've been in so many places. I've been every way, every way. Well, I've been doing, which I know you guys are giving me time to think, but wow, that's a. that's a great question. I probably played into 300 clubs. I know I'm a little bit biased saying this, but probably St Paul, just because of the mystique and the number of people and how great curling is. And I know that's biased. If you were going to say outside Minnesota when I went to worlds in 2010, it was in grand forks and we're at the Ralph Engelstad. Any, even though I don't agree with what he stands for, I'll be honest with the, with the podcasts on that. And those of you who know him, uh, I hope you don't agree with them either. That arena is unfricken believable and we've got to play worlds in there. And it was insane and we had several thousand people cheering us on because the Canadians back then knew we stopped and they would cheer for us, right? Let, unless we're playing them, they were our biggest fans and we had 5,000 people cheering for us. And that arena was phenomenal. It was unbelievable. Like the bar on the end. And I don't know, I, I'd say that's not really a club. So I've, you know, it's, it's not a club, but it was phenomenal. So. And it was probably one of the top 10 moments in my life being in a world. Right.

Speaker 1:29:18Quick follow up question of my own, uh, you ever done like a two, three sheet, like barn bond spiel in the Midwest, just like we're gonna throw it. We're going to throw a rock down inside this quonset hut for.

Speaker 2:29:31No, I, I, there's a lot of those in Wisconsin. I have been super fun. But I'll tell you this. So probably the best Kwanzaa type. Hud. I've been in this um, Steven's Minnesota. So it's up by North Dakota, winnipeg, you know, like right on the border, like right before the border. You'd take a right and you go off at 29, which is in North Dakota and you go back into Minnesota and um, um, I can't remember the name of the family there, but there are a bunch of farmers and there was this old dude that would hand scrape the ice and it was the best ice at that time that I had ever played on. It was phenomenal. It was a two sheet club with the Little Kwanzaa and uh, um, the ice was phenomenal. It was probably back. We're talking 20 years ago and it was 24, 25 seconds, you know, phenomenal ice. And I remember, um, one of my players had a rock pick any engineering practice and he just pulled it up by the hog line and looked at it was underneath. And you know, when you pull a rock up, you sometimes leave a little white mark. And the little old dude came running out.

Speaker 6:30:37It was like, what the hell are you doing? You don't lift up rocks on the ice. You lift them up behind. And he was going crazy and it was awesome because he

Speaker 2:30:46just took care of his amy, so the ice was so important to him and it was the best ice I've ever seen at that level at that time, which is 20 years ago. So anyway, so I would say I love Steven. I've seen over the last couple of years some horrendous head injuries at the curling club. Yup. Um, and, uh, like I, whenever I've seen some really bad, like I've got something that something happened in front of me that there was spurting blood and driving to, driving to the curling club. Sometimes I have flashbacks about it. Yeah, sure. What kind of liability does the curling club have? I know you signed some sort of waiver. So it's interesting that you shouldn't say this because this is right up my alley. I was on the Maj Committee that made the decision to try to pass a law because what was happening is people were signing these waivers without knowing what was going on.

Speaker 2:31:50And, and um, people. I'll give you an example. We had a case where, uh, there was some people at a baseball, uh, that had dropped their kids off for baseball camp, right? So if you slide into second and you break your leg, that's fine. You shouldn't be able to bring a claim against somebody, but if some guy comes off the, uh, uh, is driving by and people aren't supervising him and he grabs one of the kids and sexually molest them and kills them, that probably shouldn't have happened because if the people who are watching them were standing there, it wouldn't have happened or live in this other case. Um, you know, the same thing at a baseball camp. They're throwing those little wood chips at each other because the, the, the, the, the adults were inside talking about what they're going to do in the afternoon.

Speaker 2:32:39It was lunchbreak blinds, a kid. If you were there, you want to let these kids throw. Don't throw these things at each other. And it has nothing to do with baseball. If it has something to do with baseball, fine. Yeah. Hit by a pitch by pitch slide in a second, break your ankle. No problem. Back to baseball by the way. Yeah, exactly. It's weird how that happens, right? But, but, so we, we, there was too many of these waivers that we're waiving everything. They would wave intentional acts. So if, if you're, um, if one of the, the, the teachers went and raped a kid, you wouldn't be liable because it was an intentional act even though you should have known that you hired this teacher who has 17 sexual assault convictions on kids. Right? That's bullshit. That's bullshit. Right? So we pat, we in, um, I think it was, I don't know remember exactly, but I was on the legislative chair and I testified on this, but it was about a four years ago or five years ago and we changed the law to say it and we tried to get it to say that it had to be Germane to the activity.

Speaker 2:33:47So in other words, if you're doing baseball and you slide into second, you can't sue, but if they are doing a wood chip fight or they are getting raped or something like that, you can sue. And um, and it ended up being that the only way we could get it passed through the Republican legislature was to say gross negligent or more than ordinary length negligence or greater than Oregon or ordinary. Yeah, that's just ordinary negligence. It can't be just ordinary negligence to be greater than ordinary negligence. So it has to be something beyond where. Whereas like you're watching six kids, but you got to go pee. Yeah, that's normal. That's your. If you walk away because you got to go smoke a joint, that's probably. Yeah.

Speaker 1:34:32Or you're going to go to a movie, right? I'm really, I'm really interested in how are you going to get this back to someone falling on the curling ice.

Speaker 2:34:39No. So. So that's what I'm saying. So, but in curly, nice. It's expected. It's part, it's Germane to the activity. If you're on ice, there is a good chance you're gonna fall. And if you want to wear a helmet, you have the right to wear around that. Right? And you know, when you go in there that you're on ice, you have to wear the right shoes, you have to have shoes that aren't super slippery, you have never been on the ice, you have to know what's going on. And so it's Germane to the activity. I don't think curling clubs have a responsibility now if they serve someone until they're point two, four and then let him go out on the ice. That's a problem. Okay. Because they have now. Now you have a dram shop claim

Speaker 1:35:22ruby, my daughter, she's into rock climbing when she goes to vertical endeavors. And you have to sign one of those. Yeah. And I read it because I read those things because I, I'm not going to do it. But I was like, I had to pick her up and I go, you know, so I, I had to read this and there was an

Speaker 4:35:38exclusion for even gross negligence. And I was like, I asked the guy, so what, what, how can, why can I, why do I have to sign this thing that says that if you guys like intentionally screw up? Yep. And he told me, he said, well, that's why we don't let our staff belay any of the. We always have other other students do all the bullying. And I was like, oh great. I'm like, so you won't even help them. Like it's like the kids have to think about that. Like is that what you really want to. Like we would like a third party vendor but we don't want to pay for it. Yeah. So we're going to subsidize the other pain kids. It's, it's unbelievable when you think about what you have to deal with at those things and you're just like, well, wait a sec.

Speaker 4:36:25You should be clicking on these people. Making sure they're still there. They're not going to fall. Right. That's your job as a, as a person. And if you don't train them. Right. The coaches do do that. But when he said the way he said that, I was like, one, it's like, why do I have to sign something that that apparently signed away my rights to gross negligence, which they can't do by the way. It's illegal for them to do that, but if they, if, if they do that in your child gets hurt, let's say we had, let's say we had 20 kids that got hurt or 20 parents walk away and don't sell out at 22, right? They, they do that because they think you might walk away and it works with a lot of people. They just denied their claim, denied, denied, denied. And if they don't hire a lawyer who I would call. Yeah, we'd call. It's Dsr time. I told, I told, uh, I told rich this one time, this is sad, but ruby and I were driving on 94 and there was this big motorcycle accident right in front of us and Ruby, she was probably six or seven. She said we should use that guy should call those people from Tsr, from that, from the billboard.

Speaker 2:37:31Ah, that's what I like. I love Ruby. I love Ruby who came up with the slogan like, that's an interesting story. We were sitting in my office now. It was Steve's office at the time and you know, a lot of people think that you have to hire people to do that kind of stuff and figure that out. But we had, we had, you know, done the thought about, oh, one, 800, one, eight, eight, eight cars for kids and we got to figure out, you know, one 800 ask Siri, which is like, I hear that and I turned, I turned the chair. I know, I know. So easy. We're thinking, Jesus, what can we do, what can we do? And we're like, we had just changed our name to Tsr and um, I say, I said it, Steve will argue with you that he said it first, but we both said, I don't know, it sounds kind of Corny Tsr time, but we came up with, because it was seven, it was seven digits.

Speaker 2:38:25And we're like, okay. We immediately called the phone company, this is at like 9:00 at night because we had been working on marketing and I had just started with them in 2009. And I, and he said, what do you think about, you know, what do we think about Tsr Times six, one, two, it's tsr time, you're hurt in an accident, tsr time. And uh, it was crazy because I said, well, I don't like it, I don't think put it, I kind of do. And so we said, let's go talk to all of our friends this weekend. This was on a Thursday night and we said, let's talk to all our friends and see what you think and see what they think. And I went to like six or eight people that I know I was calling people and they're like, it's awesome. And I thought it was kind of like, because we get biased a little bit, right?

Speaker 2:39:13We get biased a little bit about, we don't want to be Corny, we don't want to be one of those guys that good as money right now. We will get you money right now. Just call us today. So we were going to be the general. Right. Exactly. And so, um, I talked to all these people. We come back on Monday and chuck and Steve both said to me, everybody loves it, and then we went with it right then and I'll tell you right now, we've had people saying he knew what he was drunk and I was sitting around a fire and my buddy, my buddy almost fell in and we went, oh, that would've been tsr time. Can you send us some shirts? So we sent insured, so we said, you know, and and so when people get in accidents now that it's becoming kind of this thing like, oh, it's tsr time burden and an exit csr time, and it's been the greatest marketing thing we've ever said. Oh yeah, it's Hashtag Tsr. It's Tsr time. Everybody knows you get an accident. Is Tsr time

Speaker 4:40:11rich? Thank you for joining our podcast. It's been very interesting. You've given us a lot of information both on the record and off the record. I feel like all our future podcasts, we'll have a lot of deep intelligence that we can bring. Yeah, absolutely. Thanks for having me guys. I really appreciate it. It's been a great partner. Cheers. Bye.

Speaker 3:40:33Hey, the, the, the,

Speaker 7:42:06the darkness. There's a man, Nicole skipper, fast asleep, dreaming.

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