Open To Happiness

33 - Choose between antidepressants and happiness

August 25, 2021 Nicoleta Porojanu
Open To Happiness
33 - Choose between antidepressants and happiness
Show Notes

In this episode Nicoleta explores the relationship between antidepressants and happiness with Brooke Siem, an award winning chef and mental health writer from Nevada, USA.

Why do we put children on antidepressants when they lose their father at 15?

How is life when you live on antidepressants from 15 to 30 and you are still depressed and suicidal?

Can you be so depressed to feel relieved at the thought that one day you’ll die and everything will be over?

Are there any benefits to being medicated with antidepressants?

What is it like to take 30,000 drugs in 15 years?

Can you actually come off antidepressant drugs?

What is it like to experience the withdrawal symptoms?

Why psychotropic drugs block your personal development?

How is life after 5 years from quitting antidepressant medication?

What happens within you when you are a talented ballet dancer and you have to quit because you break both of your legs?

What is like to train in cookery, open your own bakery in your 20s in New York and become an award winning chef?

Why you need to choose between antidepressants and happiness.

Plus many more in this eye-opening chat.

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