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It’s Never Too Late to Find Your Purpose

October 29, 2022 Imagine Yourself Podcast Season 4 Episode 17
Imagine Yourself Podcast
It’s Never Too Late to Find Your Purpose
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You may have heard the quote, “You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” These days, we hear so much about people reassessing their lives; and in doing so re-discovering dreams, passions and purpose. Their stories inspire us but may also leave us wondering if we could do that too…and if we did, where would we even start? Life has a way of taking us down many roads, some are unplanned detours. We may get to a point when we look back and wonder if it’s too late. Spoiler alert: it’s not. 

Inspired by our last episode “Can You Really Find True Happiness? (w/ Life Coach, Kerry Rasenberger)” and the Instagram Live we did with Kerry, “Finding Your Purpose”, we take a few moments to dive into the subject of discovering…or RE-discovering purpose. 

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Sandy Kovach  [00:00:01]:

Welcome to Imagine yourself podcast where we help you imagine your next chapter of life with grace, gratitude, courage, and faith.

Lanée Blaise [00:00:09]:

Sandy. I know that you and everyone else listening has noticed that there is a definite need or desire in this world for people to find their purpose, discover their purpose, rediscover their this. And it is really something that we wanted to take on as a topic. we just recently had talk about finding true happiness. That was our latest episode, but this one is a little bit different. And I hope that people really warm up to what we have to say today.

Sandy Kovach  [00:00:46]:

Yeah. It's cool because we did Kerry Rassenberger, our guest, If you haven't checked out, finding your true happiness, Kerry is a great life coach, and she has some really concrete tips on that. And then we did an Instagram live with her, and she said, let's do an Instagram live on finding your purpose. So, again, we're gonna talk about finding your purpose, but I think for our age group maybe. It might even be and not, you know, obviously people from different ages listen, but you and I, might be more like rediscovering our -- especially because, for instance, I became an empty nester recently, and that is a huge change in life. And I thought we could maybe jump into some of the things we talked about with Kerry on the finding your purpose, but maybe make it more of rediscovering your purpose.

Lanée Blaise [00:01:33]:

I love that idea because that's also very popular lately and careers are changing. You look on LinkedIn and they tell you, you know, people are just hopping all over the place. And, so it's not just about careers because that's not just what your purpose is. It's not just about motherhood or wifehood because Some people are in that season or not in that season, or it's really a little bit deeper than that, and I just wanna make sure that we touch on all that. So I just got back from my sister's wedding. I am fourteen years older than my sister I have a few sisters that I'm much older than. But, they're, you know, in a whole different season, kinda like you're talking about also Sandy. And it's just something where my sister has gone from very independent person on her own and doing her job. She also her purpose, I think, happens to be right. She writes children's books on the side. So it's like her side hustle is, I feel like, that's her true purpose in life, writing children's books to kind of encourage children to go into interest of science and math. But all that to say, she's about to have a whole new element of purpose in her life. And so just want to kind of give a shout out to my sister Blake and her finding all the different areas of her purpose. And it kinda makes me think that In order to rediscover your purpose, you might have to rediscover yourself and really concentrate on Who are you? Who are you in this moment in time? Because it changes. Like I said, you get married. You become an empty nester. You change jobs, you move to a different city or state, and sometimes that kind of who, what, when, where, why, element is sometimes what actually is the key to rediscovering your purpose. So sometimes it's your where, Sometimes it's your win, because, you know, like I said, the different stages, but another part is who Who are you now and who do you want to be? These are the types of things that can hopefully lead you to your your purpose, but also why. That's another big buzz word is discovering your why. Why are you doing what you're doing? Are you doing it because you were told to as a child? Are you doing it because you've always wanted to genuinely from your heart? and you just never got the opportunity to or you never thought the timing was right. Is your why something that you're being told from social media? You know, you gotta gotta be careful with that. can be good or bad things. So really discovering your why and your who And like I said, sometimes even your when and your where is a key element to rediscovering your purpose. And, again, your purpose does not have to be your professional career life, job life. We are more than what we do. It's -- Absolutely. -- about who we are.

Sandy Kovach  [00:04:39]:

So one of the things when we did our Instagram live with Carrie on talking about your purpose, and I think I don't remember if you I think you might have brought this up. Rediscovering stuff that you were passionate about in your childhood. Sometimes when you move to a different city or you go into a different season of life, or if you flip over to being an empty nester or getting married or having kids or, you know, whatever the big transition is, that kinda takes over. And then you're not really thinking about those passions you had when you were a kid. And, like, I remember you you said in the Instagram live that you used to pretend that you were giving speeches or sermons

Lanée Blaise [00:05:21]:

Yes. Always in my room with my poor little baby dolls and Barbie dolls all lined up to listen to me. It was a whole thing, a whole production And it was indicative of who I was and still am and what I wanted to do and what my purpose in this world was.

Sandy Kovach  [00:05:32]:

Yes. And you're still kind of feeling that right now. Right? I mean, communicating and you still speak to audiences and and to podcast listeners and your Barbie Dolls would be proud.

Lanée Blaise [00:05:49]:

Yes. That's the thing. Yes. And how about I I just tack this on here too just for fun? My little sister, the the one who got married, Another reason that I truly believe her purpose is writing these children's book is because this chick felt like she always wanted to be a rapper. And I'm like, what? You're you're not a rapper. And she's like, yes, I am. And so I mean, she just, as a little kid, just always rhyming all these things. So two aspects to to just let everyone know that when you can find your purpose in the most interesting ways imaginable. Number 1 is those children books that I talk about every single page rhymes. The whole book is is around me. It's almost like its own little rap, but it's teaching about science and math. And number 2, this chick absolutely did a wrap at her wedding to her new husband, and it was phenomenal and fun and awesome. So it's part of who she is. It's part of her purpose, and she's living her best life with it.

Sandy Kovach  [00:06:54]:

Yeah. So -- She's not a famous rapper, but -- Well, not now, but you never know. I mean,

Lanée Blaise [00:07:00]:

she's she's an engineer. Actually, She's an engineer. No kidding. It's a bio molecular engineer.

Sandy Kovach  [00:07:07]:

Any more opposite. Oh, yeah. Crazy. So she's got the creative gene and she's got that gene that makes you a, yeah, science and engineering and math. That's incredible.

Lanée Blaise [00:07:18]:

Yeah. Yeah. So you never know. I'm just putting that out there for anybody. You never know all these different things that are inside of you what it can lead to. So, yeah, so rediscovering.

Sandy Kovach  [00:07:27]:

Think about the season you're in, like you were saying before, think about where you are, and think about those childhood dreams. Now I used to play pretend I was on the radio. So of course, ended up being on the radio. Right? I used to have one of those really old school tape recorders. I don't know if you remember, like, cassettes Right? Yes. And I used to tape songs from the radio and then tape me doing breaks. And then, you know, when I graduated from college, I had worked at the school radio station and everything like that, and and communications was my major. So I I did really wanna go into broadcasting, but I'd always been warned, you know, back in the day, radio was a lot bigger of a thing than than maybe it is now, but they used to say, hey. You know, you get the business and you're just gonna get fired a lot. You're gonna have to move around a lot. You really don't wanna do that. It's not very stable. But, hey, I had to do it. So, yeah, and now I'm sort of branching off into different aspects of using my voice, whether it be on podcasting or voiceovers. And and some radio as well. But it's always gone back to that little childhood like you and me both. You know, I was talking to my cassette tape. You were talking to your baby It was also the same thing.

Lanée Blaise [00:08:42]:

Exactly. And the thing too is to not be afraid to move in between things to move to different areas where you really do rediscover your passion and your purpose because I have really been I mentioned this on Instagram live too with Carrie, but I have really been thinking a lot about Serena Williams because she just retired And a lot of times, we see athletes who retire, you know, sometimes they do, like, sports reporting, sports casting, in the business, but sometimes they do something totally different. And I just love to watch people, even people like president Obama where after he was done being president, he kind of had to rediscover the different projects that he wanted to participate and the things that really interest to him Serena Williams is a mother now, a wife. She loves tennis, but she has to find her way. She's going to have to rediscover her purpose too, and it may or may not be tennis related. And I just want to encourage people to make sure it's okay to blur the lines. It's okay to go outside the lines. It's okay to hop over and do something totally different than what you've been trained to do.

Sandy Kovach  [00:09:53]:

Absolutely. So as we kinda wrap up this bonus episode, if if someone was listening in, they were saying to themselves, Okay. If I'm gonna sit down and think about like, I feel like I'm called to do something different. I feel like I'm in a kind of stagnant. And, you know, maybe I just became an empty nestor or made a move, or maybe I'm just restless. What would you say would be the first question to ask yourself? sit down with yourself and ask yourself.

Lanée Blaise [00:10:21]:

I would say kind of a combination of what we've said as far as think back to yourself as a little kid. and think about what did you absolutely naturally love to do? that came straight from you that you were good at and consider or reconsider adding that element to your life in a whole big way, a real way. And don't be afraid. Don't be afraid

Sandy Kovach  [00:10:51]:

to try it. That's what I would think of. Yeah. What do you have to lose? And who cares what other people think? True. I I mean, hey, again, just like the look at that little kid and you did not care. What anybody thought. Nobody's saying quit your day job or anything like that, you know, but like you saying, your sister has a side hustle with writing and apparently wrapping. Yeah. So, I mean, and she's an engineer. So you can do. You can, walk into gum at the same time. And then if something comes up and whatever the side hustle is becomes bigger, then maybe you do. You switch careers. But Yeah. I mean, these days, people with the ability to do things at home and with, you know, they have multiple streams of income, or even if it's just a hobby, it doesn't even have to be a job. Right? It could be volunteering. It could be something for fun. It could be something, you know, you do with your kids or your grandkids

Lanée Blaise [00:11:46]:

or just for yourself. Something that you keep in mind that uniquely you are able to do in a way that brings you joy, brings others joy, that you just really believe you were created to do. In addition to the things that we all have to do, we all have to brush our teeth and go to work. And so but but something extra that extra thing that Again, brings you joy, brings others joy. Think about my little sister up there wrapping with her cute little self and her wedding dress. in front of all of her guests and live it out our purpose. I love it. So, yeah, overall, imagine yourself letting go of the fear, letting go of all the things that have held you back before, and being willing to jump in and rediscover your purpose because it's never too late to rediscover who you are, why you're doing it, and what your purpose is. Thanks for spending some time with us. If you wanna explore

Sandy Kovach  [00:12:48]:

the topic of finding your purpose a little bit more, we'll put some links in the show notes to the Instagram live that we did with Life Coach Carrie as well as the episode can you really find your true happiness? If you have a second, we'd love it if you could give us a rating and or a review. It really helps us shape the podcast, and helps other folks find it as well. Connect with us on any of our social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can find all the links, and a place to email us to and subscribe to our blog at imagine yourself And until next time, when we have something new to imagine, Here's to you, finding your purpose and your true happiness.