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Changing 1 Little Thing Can Change Your Life

March 01, 2021 Imagine Yourself Podcast Season 3 Episode 1
Imagine Yourself Podcast
Changing 1 Little Thing Can Change Your Life
Show Notes

What areas of your life need a tweak, a pivot, a change? How flexible are you willing to be to reach a place of peace? What if innovation is the key to success? Maybe it’s time to play a new tape in your brain. Time to sing a new song. Time to try new things. Go at your own pace, and you might actually like the new developments in your life, love, career, health, faith, and finances.

 Here’s a simple analogy. If you want to get your truck down the highway, higher gears are required for higher speeds so you don’t blow your engine! The same thing, if you want to make it all the way down the highway of life, a next-level gear is required to live a next-level life so you don’t blow your engine! 

Award-winning author, Octavia Butler, said it best, “All that you touch, you change. All that you change changes you. The only lasting truth is change.”

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Listen to the full episode to find out what that one little thing is that will change and transform your life for the better!

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