Super Teachers Unite

Find Work Outside of Teaching!

May 25, 2021 Francois Naude Season 2 Episode 10
Super Teachers Unite
Find Work Outside of Teaching!
Show Notes

You can go work in any industry of your choosing. That’s the message that Kim Craig shared with us during this episode.

The legal industry has the same challenges that education has. Both can be extremely conservative and reluctant to change. Many traditional approaches are now obsolete and we need to rethink our processes. Teachers already possess so much of the skills needed in the workforce. Why not broaden your horizons.

Kim Craig is the co-founder of Bold Duck Studios and she has great success in assisting law firms with adapting to change.  Kim has been driving change for the past 20 years on how lawyers and business professionals deliver legal services to their clients.  She broke down barriers and the stigma of “nonlawyers” playing a critical role in the efficient and effective delivery of legal services.

She took an entrepreneurial leap three years ago to co-found the first business design agency in the legal arena where Kim and her partner combine their expertise and discipline in business design, process optimization, and change management to build new businesses and service models for their clients.

In this episode she shares:

  • Why she employs teachers in her firm.
  • How principals and teachers can adapt their processes.
  • Why curiosity is such an important trait for teachers to have.

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