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Episode 82: David Dirkschneider – Broker Advice: How To Get The Deal

March 10, 2022 Tate Siemer Episode 82
The Apartment Guys Podcast
Episode 82: David Dirkschneider – Broker Advice: How To Get The Deal
Show Notes

It is Broker Week for Apartment Guys, and this episode is going to give you a lot of market knowledge. Joining us is David Dirkschneider to zoom in on the most recent market trends, buyer-broker-seller relationships, asset management 101, and effective strategies to land deals successfully. Great stuff ahead!


Current trends on how long a property is up for grabs in the marketplace
How to build good buyer-broker relationships
Hot market developments and deals
What would interest and cap rates look like in these hot markets?
Tips on adding value in a deal with a buyer

Black swan theory:
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David has over 15 years in the real estate industry, specializing exclusively in the brokerage of multifamily housing projects and multifamily site selection. Recognized as a leader in the industry and based upon his experience in the Oklahoma multifamily industry, David has been the guest speaker at various events throughout the state and served as the moderator for several industry panels and forums. David and his team have sold more than 100,000 apartment units as well as been relied on by some of the nation’s largest developers to identify and acquire land that is specifically targeted for the development of multifamily. David has committed himself to this community and has proven so by his public service. David serves or has served this community by serving on various boards, committees, trusts, and councils. In addition to serving three consecutive terms as a city councilman. These positions allow David to stay involved in the community as well as have input on the progress going forward. In addition to the boards and committees, David is an alumnus of Leadership OKC, a member of Oklahoma City’s Commercial Real Estate Council, Urban Land Institute and serves as a volunteer for YMCA’s high school mentorship program called Y-Achievers.


Mobile Number: 405-514-0340


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