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Episode 117: Dave Dubeau - How To Master Your Investor Relations Game

August 09, 2022 Chelsea Garber & Tate Siemer Episode 117
Apartment Gurus
Episode 117: Dave Dubeau - How To Master Your Investor Relations Game
Show Notes

Get into another eye-opening episode with Dave Dubeau as we chat about ways to establish good investor relationships and the value it brings to your business. Keep tuning in as we delve deeper into the relational part of real estate and leverage your network so you can start raising capital like a pro!


Why it’s worth investing in capital-raising coaching programs
Effective strategies to encourage investors to work with you
How to calculate an investor’s lifetime worth to your company
Ideas on improving your investor relationships
What you should know before looking for potential investors


Cash Flow Connections https://cashflowconnections.com/
SendOutCards http://sendoutcards.com/app
Warm-up Campaign https://raisecapitalclass.com/challenge/


Dave is the CEO and founder of the Money Partner Formula. He has been an entrepreneur since 1993 and a real estate investor since 2001. He began investing in 2003 and did 18 deals in 18 months. He has done deals ranging from creative no-money-down transactions to rent-to-owns and, more recently, multi-family properties. He’s the author of seven books and has taught and trained people about marketing and real estate investing since 2006. He also shared the stage with Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame, Robert Herjavek from Shark Tank, George Foreman, and many others.


Website: Dave Dubeau https://daviddubeau.com/
Website: How To Raise Capital 101 Show https://www.raisecapital101show.com/
Podcast: How to Raise Capital 101 Show for Real Estate Investors https://raisecapital101forrealestateinvestors.podbean.com/
Podcast: https://davedubeau.podbean.com/


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