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Episode 128: George Roberts III, Ph.D. - Deal Sourcing Strategies To Empower Your Business

September 15, 2022 Episode 128
Apartment Gurus
Episode 128: George Roberts III, Ph.D. - Deal Sourcing Strategies To Empower Your Business
Show Notes

We’re thrilled to have George Roberts III, Ph.D., back on the show to share his insights on off-market acquisitions, value-add opportunities, and navigating the real estate lending business. Tune in and learn how you can strategically purchase properties for you and your investors right now.


Why it’s better to buy mom-and-pop deals
How to verify if a property is an actual off-market deal
Should you buy small or big properties?
The advantages of seller financing
Benefits of hiring a virtual assistant and professionalizing your podcast
How to expand into other investment opportunities


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George has been a real estate investor for over a decade. He is a managing member of Walnut Grove Homes, LLC, a residential construction company based in Troy, Michigan. As a data scientist, he currently builds statistical models that guide decisions in the financial space and brings the same zest for numbers into the acquisition of multifamily investments. He feels fortunate that he moved a significant portion of his net worth into multifamily assets – he’s not counting on the volatile stock market to fund his retirement. He looks forward to partnering with other investors in multifamily so that they can enjoy the same opportunity.


Website: Horizon Multifamily https://www.horizonmultifamily.com/
Podcast: The Foundery - Where Leaders are Forged Daily! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-foundery-where-leaders-are-forged-daily/id1564663081
LinkedIn: George Roberts III, Ph.D. https://www.linkedin.com/in/georgerobertsiii/
Email: george@horizonmultifamily.com


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