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Episode 137: Hayden Harrington - The Transformative Power of Networking in Real Estate

October 18, 2022 Episode 137
The Apartment Gurus
Episode 137: Hayden Harrington - The Transformative Power of Networking in Real Estate
Show Notes
Today’s guest proves that fortune favors the bold as he shares how hard work, efficiency, belief in oneself, and creating value for investors led his business to success. Stay tuned for Hayden Harrington’s actionable advice on closing your first deal and growing your investor network without owning a property.


Why and how you can bring value to investors
Single-family vs. multifamily real estate
Networking strategies to attract investors
Advantages of expanding your investor pool
Best practices for securing your first deal
Acquiring Equity: Practical advice and challenges
importance of establishing a system in your business 


Madison Title Agency
Salt Lake City Multi-Family Meetup Group

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Hayden is one of the founders and managing partners of Momentum Multifamily, a commercial real estate group focused on buying institutional quality assets for their investors, where he focuses on acquisitions efforts and asset management. He is a real estate entrepreneur focused on large-scale multifamily syndications and currently has $120MM AUM and actively growing the portfolio.


Website: Momentum Multifamily
Facebook: Momentum Multifamily
Facebook Group: Momentum Multifamily Investor Community


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