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Episode 140: Deidre Woollard - Why Macroeconomic Factors and YOUR Investing

October 27, 2022 Episode 140
The Apartment Gurus
Episode 140: Deidre Woollard - Why Macroeconomic Factors and YOUR Investing
Show Notes

Catch today’s episode with The Motley Fool journalist Deidre Woollard as we chat about the basics of crowdfunding and REITs and the different facets of the real estate housing market. Keep tuning in and stay updated on the latest real estate issues!


Crowdfunding: What it is, its benefits, and risks
Things to know before you invest in real estate
What is a “REIT” and how do they work?
Challenges and advantages of investing in multifamily properties
Relevant real estate issues you should know
Must-know real estate tips for investing success


The Motley Fool


Deidre’s passion for real estate writing started when she created the first Estate of the Day column online, but her interest in the business began long before that. Real estate investing is a family tradition, and she hails from a long line of landlords, renovators, and contractors currently invested from Massachusetts to California. Through her work at Move Inc. and some of the best real estate brokerages in Los Angeles, she has gained wisdom and an understanding of real estate’s core function in society. Her mission is to share what she has learned with others and continue diving deeper into real estate crowdfunding, which she believes is poised for a massive upswing.


Twitter: @Deidre


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