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Episode 151: Jordan Moorhead - Cultivate A Growth Mindset For Your Real Estate Business

December 06, 2022 Tate Siemer Episode 151
The Apartment Gurus
Episode 151: Jordan Moorhead - Cultivate A Growth Mindset For Your Real Estate Business
Show Notes

Today’s guru offers excellent tips to learn the real estate industry inside and out as we look into property management, partnerships, passive investing, and more in this episode. So keep tuning in to hear from Jordan Moorhead on how you can build your legacy!


The economic reality of property management companies
Why you should be a passive investor
Qualities to look for in people you’re investing with
Advantages of being a deal’s lead sponsor
Suggestions for finding the right partner for your business
Top-rated conferences and mastermind groups to help your business scale


Amy Mahjoory - Real Estate Investor & Educator, HGTV Personality, & Best-Selling Author
Multifamily Mastery Live 5
Best Ever Conference


Jordan is a REALTOR®, a licensed sales agent in Texas, a licensed broker in Minnesota, an active rental property investor, and host of the Austin Real Estate Investing Podcast. He has also been investing passively in apartment syndications for the past few years and now owns 29 units himself. He prides himself on getting difficult deals done and creating win-win situations for both the buyer and seller. He does more than 40 transactions a year and loves to help his clients build wealth with real estate. Currently, he is invested in 6 syndications between Louisville, Tampa, Austin, Dallas, and Memphis. 


Website: Austin Real Estate
Podcast: Austin Real Estate Investing
Instagram: @jordan_moorhead


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