The Apartment Gurus

Episode 155: Kyle Mitchell - A Values-Focused Approach to Real Estate Investing

December 20, 2022 Episode 155
The Apartment Gurus
Episode 155: Kyle Mitchell - A Values-Focused Approach to Real Estate Investing
Show Notes

We’re excited to welcome Kyle Mitchell back to the show to chat about asset acquisition and management, investing tips, and ways to establish your company’s culture. So tune in to solidify your business and keep growing strategically even in volatile markets.


Why building relationships in real estate is beneficial in the long run
Factors affecting asset acquisition in different markets
Advantages of investing in appreciation markets
Strategies to create your company’s vision, mission, and values
How to feel secure about investing in today’s market


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Kyle is a managing partner at Vertical Street Ventures whose passion is helping others reach their goals in all areas of life by doing things the right way and creating long-lasting relationships based on trust and clarity.  He has been investing in income-producing real estate since 2010 and currently manages and operates $310M AUM in multifamily assets. He has been a successful business operator and owner for more than 20 years and is the author of the best-selling book, Best In Class.


Website: Vertical Street Ventures


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