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Episode 164: Tony Castronovo - Attracting Capital vs. Raising Capital

January 19, 2023 Episode 164
The Apartment Gurus
Episode 164: Tony Castronovo - Attracting Capital vs. Raising Capital
Show Notes

Today, we’ll hear from a seasoned management consultant and multifamily real estate investor Tony Castronovo. From attracting capital to credibility-enhancing activities to scaling it incrementally, you’ll learn valuable tips to accelerate your real estate success when you tune in!


Why you shouldn’t self-manage large multifamily properties
Advantages of having good relationships with business partners and brokers
Differences between attracting capital and raising capital
The power of having a credibility kit and leveraging your partner’s experience
Useful tips to help you scale your multifamily business


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Tony Castronovo is the founder and managing partner of Novo Multifamily Group, LLC and Novo Investments, LLC, a real estate investment company established in 2014.  Tony is also a seasoned management consultant (previously with Ernst & Young), utilizing 25 years of experience advising clients on project portfolio investment management.  He holds higher education degrees in Engineering and Construction Management. He is revered across numerous investor communities as a mentor and coach for investors & entrepreneurs, sharing leading practices and experience. He is a member and student of the Wheelbarrow Profits Academy, founded by Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro.  In 2022, he launched Grit to Growth, a Transition & Performance Coaching business focused on empowering entrepreneurs to live an intentional life by design.


Website: Novo Multifamily Group
LinkedIn: Tony Castranovo


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