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Episode 167: Ashley Wilson - Why Conservative Is The New Confident During Volatile Markets

January 31, 2023 Episode 167
The Apartment Gurus
Episode 167: Ashley Wilson - Why Conservative Is The New Confident During Volatile Markets
Show Notes

Find out how to keep buying properties in shifting markets with Ashley Wilson's expert advice about business perspectives, ways to attract investors, and the relevance of her book "The Only Woman In The Room." If you’re looking to thrive in volatile markets, this episode is for you.


The benefits of learning how to manage your team remotely
Advantages of having business partners with complementary skills
Strategies for acquiring properties in volatile markets
Entrepreneur traits that attract investors to your business
What is "The Only Woman In The Room" about?


The Only Woman in the Room by Ashley L. Wilson
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Ashley is the co-founder of Bar Down Investments, LLC and HouseItLook, LLC, co-host of The Passive Investing Show, best-selling author of The Only Woman in the Room: Knowledge and Inspiration from 20 Women Real Estate Investors, and a BiggerPockets’ series host.  She started investing in real estate in 2009 and has been involved in over $100 million in transactions within both single and multifamily real estate across over 1,500 units. When Ashley is not working on her businesses, she enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband and their two daughters. Additionally, Ashley enjoys competing with her horses, Diacara and Wow.


Website: Bar Down Investments
Website: Apartment Addicts
Podcast: The Passive Investing Show
LinkedIn: Ashley Wilson
Instagram: @badashinvestor


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