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Episode 193: Dustin Heiner - How To Be Successfully Unemployed through Passive RE Investing

May 02, 2023 Episode 193
The Apartment Gurus
Episode 193: Dustin Heiner - How To Be Successfully Unemployed through Passive RE Investing
Show Notes

If you want to escape the cycle of working your 9 to 5 job, this episode is for you! Uncover the truth behind accelerating your path to financial freedom by replacing your active W2 salary with passive income in today’s episode with Dustin Heiner.


Job security: W2 employees vs. real estate investors
The dos and don’ts of purchasing investment properties
Difference between appreciation and cashflow in real estate
Benefits of value-based leadership and encouraging people to invest
Important qualities successful investors should have


How to Quit Your Job with Rental Property by Dustin Heiner | Hardcover: and Kindle:
The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss | Hardcover: and Kindle:
Real Estate Well-Builders Conference: 

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Dustin is an author who writes about his passions and experiences in life. He is passionate about teaching people how he quit his job with a passive income to spend more time with his family and be independent. Many people have been helped by Dustin and his wife Melissa in their marriages and investing in passive income. He also teaches real estate investing on his blog and widely popular podcast called Master Passive Income Podcast.


Website: Master Passive Income
Podcast: Master Passive Income Real Estate Investing
LinkedIn: Dustin Heiner
Instagram: @thedustinheiner
YouTube: Dustin Heiner | Master Passive Income


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