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Episode 221: David Toupin - Securing Multifamily Syndications Success

August 29, 2023 Tate Siemer Episode 221
The Apartment Gurus
Episode 221: David Toupin - Securing Multifamily Syndications Success
Show Notes

Dial in as we welcome young multifamily expert David Toupin back on the show. He'll delve into capital raising tactics, a precise analysis of the multifamily market, and his groundbreaking software innovation that simplifies property acquisitions. Embark on your commercial real estate voyage and create massive wealth today!


A perspective on raising capital for large real estate deals
Insights on the current multifamily market conditions
What to expect as a capital raiser for apartment syndications
Real Estate Lab’s superb features for multifamily acquisition
Key pointers on how to achieve an 8-figure net worth


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David Toupin, Owner of Toupin Holdings, brings 7+ years of multifamily and commercial real estate investing experience. In the past seven years, He has acquired over 1,200 apartments as the key principal, valued at over $100,000,000+. He brings experience in property management, financing, underwriting, acquisitions, asset management, construction management, and implementing value-added plans for multifamily properties. 

He has a financial background working in corporate auditing and investment banking and has been a serial entrepreneur since age 13. David is also the CEO of Real Estate Lab and a leader of a community of multifamily investors with over 150 members called the Real Estate Lab Community.


Website: Toupin Holdings: | Real Estate Lab:
LinkedIn: David Toupin:
Facebook: David Toupin:
Instagram: @realestatejedi:
YouTube: Real Estate Lab:


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