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Episode 232: Shannon Robnett - The Key to Making Wise Investment Decisions

October 05, 2023 Tate Siemer Episode 232
The Apartment Gurus
Episode 232: Shannon Robnett - The Key to Making Wise Investment Decisions
Show Notes

We're thrilled to welcome the main man, Shannon Robnett, back to the show to share his latest developments, deep expertise, and extensive experience in industrial real estate. Discover the secrets of underwriting and market analysis to help you grab more investment opportunities!


The fundamentals of finding strong markets and solid investments
A practical guide to raising capital from private investors
Breaking down Shannon’s full guide for his passive investors
Free online resources to help you make wise investment decisions
Basic underwriting principles and market insights


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Shannon Robnett is the founder and CEO of Shannon Robnett Industries. He has been in the real estate industry for 27 years. He has been involved from start to finish on over $250MM in construction projects covering the gamut from multifamily professional office buildings to city halls, fire and police stations, schools, industrial, and mini storage. As a developer with over 25 years of personal and hands-on development and construction experience, few in this industry are more dedicated to delivering numerous passive income streams to their syndicate partners. With his knowledgeable and dedicated team, Shannon Robnett Industries (SRI) creates a second-to-none investor experience.


Website: Shannon Robnett Industries:
Podcast: Robnett's Real Estate Rundown:
Facebook: Shannon Robnett:
Instagram: @shannonrayrobnett:
YouTube: Shannon Robnett:
LinkedIn: Shannon Robnett:


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