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Episode 234: Justin Moy - Fast-Track Financial Freedom with Passive Investments

November 02, 2023 Tate Siemer Episode 234
The Apartment Gurus
Episode 234: Justin Moy - Fast-Track Financial Freedom with Passive Investments
Show Notes

Learn from Justin Moy's pivotal success as a broker, delving into his winning sales strategies. Discover the ideal mindset for success in commercial real estate, the value of niche specialization, and more practical tips for creating passive income. Build wealth and dip your toes in real estate as a savvy investor!


The best mindset and real estate vehicle for financial freedom
Why it’s important to niche down your focus as an investor
Presidents Club Investors: Team, values, and deal criteria
Key qualities to look for in potential partners and investors
Surprise learning resource bundle for sales professionals


The Power of One More by Ed Mylett:
Dan Koe:
Grant Cardone:
Copy Your Way to Success by Corey Peterson:

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Justin Moy is the managing partner of the Presidents Club Investors. He’s a marketing and sales professional, investor, and podcaster. He’s passionate about helping individuals create generational wealth and passive income by bridging the gap between capital and reliable, consistent, profitable commercial and multifamily properties. 

With over ten years of experience in the industry as an owner, investor, and syndicator, he and his team helped multiply millions of dollars for all types of investors. He assists high-performing professionals in buying back their time with highly effective real estate assets that give cash flow, appreciation, and extremely favorable tax benefits.


Website: Presidents Club Investors:
Podcast: Passive Real Estate Strategies:
Instagram: @justinmoy21:
LinkedIn: Justin Moy:


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