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Episode 240: Paul Montelongo - The Best Mindset To Have As A Real Estate Investor Today

December 05, 2023 Episode 240
The Apartment Gurus
Episode 240: Paul Montelongo - The Best Mindset To Have As A Real Estate Investor Today
Show Notes

We're thrilled to welcome seasoned real estate expert Paul Montelongo as we learn how to develop a powerful mindset as an investor and what it takes to overcome economic downturns. Tune in to elevate yourself as a person, investor, and entrepreneur in today's time.



The underrated benefits of joining a mastermind group
Important mindset to have in economic downturns
Montelongo Capital: Ideal markets, team, and business model
An intentional way of designing investor communication funnels 
Valuable tips for building a self-sustaining mindset


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Paul Montelongo is a lifelong investor, entrepreneur, and business owner. Paul has built, owned, and operated eight multi-million-dollar businesses in his 40-year career, generating over $90 million in revenue. He invests in underperforming specialty properties in emerging markets, such as marinas, resorts, apartment units, events facilities, self-storage, and residential properties. Paul has investments and dispositions in over a thousand units across eight different markets in the country, comprising multifamily apartments, marina, events, and resort assets.


Website: Montelongo Capital:
Facebook: Paul Montelongo:
Instagram: @paulmontelongo:
LinkedIn: Paul Montelongo:
Youtube: Paul Montelongo:


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