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Episode 244: Justin Goodin - Why Multifamily Investment Could Be Your Best Path to Wealth and Success

January 09, 2024 Tate Siemer Episode 244
The Apartment Gurus
Episode 244: Justin Goodin - Why Multifamily Investment Could Be Your Best Path to Wealth and Success
Show Notes

Step up your wealth-building journey as we bring back Justin Goodin on the show. Gain expert insights into promising investment opportunities and tips for fast-tracking your success in the multifamily arena. Dive into this episode to reshape your financial perspective with essential knowledge today!



How Justin developed his vision in apartment investing
The advantages of investing in new assets and stable markets
Why now might be a great time to buy multifamily properties
Benefits of real estate vs. stocks in the current market
Key pointers and resources for aspiring investors


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Justin Goodin is the founder and CEO of Next Level Equity. He graduated from the Kelley School of Business, majoring in finance and supply chain management with a minor in economics. After investing in single-family homes, he discovered a more powerful way to build generational wealth and create time freedom for himself and his family- investing in multifamily apartment buildings. Justin educated himself on the powerful benefits of apartment investing and learned there are far superior ways to invest capital, other than a traditional 401K or relying on the unpredictable stock market. Now, he is passionate about helping others do the same.



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