Into the Pray

What If I've Already Been Vaccinated? (feat. Dave Brennan)

February 24, 2021 Nick & Mairi Franks Season 3 Episode 9
Into the Pray
What If I've Already Been Vaccinated? (feat. Dave Brennan)
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Show Notes

This episode of Into the Pray with Dave Brennan from CBRUK follows on from last week's session about whether or not we should be having the COVID-19 vaccines. If you've not listened to that one please do go back and listen to that first.

It was during last week's recording that we became aware of the potentially huge pastoral issue unfolding here for those (principally over 70 years of age) who have been "fast-tracked" into having the COVID-19 vaccine.

The oldest members in our society are not only most vulnerable physically (hence their being vaccinated first) but also potentially on the emotional and spiritual levels level of life. (We're not saying that spiritual health is always analogous with physical health!).

However, it is true that it is the oldest members of our society who have been "offered" the vaccine first and, therefore, in the context of having had least time to think and pray and seek counsel about the issue, especially from the place of community "group think".

Therefore, we see a potentially large number of people who may come to a place of regret having had the vaccine and hence this episode to hopefully cater for them.

In this episode, Nick and Dave prayerfully navigate (as sensitively as possible) through this difficult situation, offering not just commentary on the big, media-pedalled narratives that are pressing the decision to be made, and highlighting implications either way, but also some scripturally-based words for profound pastoral comfort, especially for those who feel conflicted having had the vaccine already.

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Finally, here is a song that we have been comforted by in recent stormy days.

Come, Lord Jesus!


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