Into the Pray

Clarifying Contraception (feat. Dave Brennan)

July 14, 2021 Nick & Mairi Franks Season 4 Episode 3
Into the Pray
Clarifying Contraception (feat. Dave Brennan)
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Show Notes

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for listening to/sharing this podcast!

As our fourth season of Into the Pray gets going, we join with Dave Brennan of Brephos for our weekly conversation about abortion.

Today we begin our mini-series about contraception.

Like with our conversations about IVF, with Bibles at the ready, we are looking to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we join minds, hearts and prayers to come to His "position" on these infinitely important issues.

Here is a rough outline of where we're going over the next three weeks:

Episode 1: Contraception: The Facts - Which "contraceptives" have the potential to end human life that's already begun?

Episode 2: Contraception: The Culture - What are the ideas, attitudes, dreams, and fears that fuel our assumptions and decisions when it comes to contraception?

Episode 3: Contraception: Where Do We Stand?

As usual, we welcome questions/comments that we will include in future episodes, so please do get in touch!

With some unforeseen factors delaying release, Calling Yeshua will be ready at the end of July - more info here.

Please do consider forwarding this podcast to your networks for us and supporting our work here.

Thanks so much and, once again, for listening!


N&M x

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