Into the Pray

Clarifying Catholicism 2/2 (feat. Dave Brennan)

September 01, 2021 Nick & Mairi Franks Season 4 Episode 24
Into the Pray
Clarifying Catholicism 2/2 (feat. Dave Brennan)
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Show Notes


Thank you for tuning in again to Into the Pray.

There are more than 100 episodes of this podcast to listen to now including a wide range of guests spanning the period before lockdown to the current day, weekly episodes with Dave Brennan of Brephos (just like today's) as well as 33 teaching episodes in the book of 1 Corinthians.

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What are evangelical leaders saying about what's happening in the Church today? Are they saying anything that's worth listening to? And what about this critical issue of the blurred lines between Evangelicals and Catholics?

This podcast is seeking to at least clear-up some of that blur.

We're grateful as always for our friend, Dave Brennan of Brephos, featuring on this podcast every Wednesday.

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N&M xx

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