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Navigating a Probate Sale With Multiple Heirs + Bonus Role Play | Episode 336

July 16, 2021 All The Leads Episode 336
Probate Mastermind Podcast
Navigating a Probate Sale With Multiple Heirs + Bonus Role Play | Episode 336
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00:00 Introductions
6:28 Role Play: Looking For The “No”
20:30 Dealing with Leads on the Do-Not-Call List
27:29 Navigating A Probate Sale With Multiple Parties Involved
41:14 Finding a Point Of Contact When A Homeowner is Deceased
46:28 Zillow and Redfin Offers: Are They Worth It?

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Welcome everyone. It is Showtime too. I want to welcome all of our Peerless realtors and investors from across the country. Today is Thursday, July 15th, 2021. And this is mastermind podcast. Number 336. Both of my partners are running a little bit late today. We do have one in the queue. We do have room for more just wanted to start by thanking you all of you, really for a really good response to the new, our new programs. Bruce, I just heard you pop in there. I was just going to tell them, thank you for supporting our, our new programs. We were hopeful. They'd be valuable. And obviously they are to you. Bruce had shared with me that I think he has about 40 people. In the ISA program, he's got about 70 in the wait list. And one thing I think that pleasantly surprised him was about 90% of the people he's talking to her signing up word. Is that a pretty good summary, Bruce? Anything you want to add? Yeah. So the 70 and the wait list those are you guys that have either been waiting on a call from me or you you're registered for one of the ISA Q and a sessions. So if you're not registered for one of those, or you're waiting on a call from me register for one of those, we're getting to everyone, but we've got 40 people that have, have committed and are in the in the process of having their, their first interviews with ISA. Today and it's unbelievable. I thought maybe 30 or 40% of those that looked at the program would sign up. It's 90% of you guys. So I think that this is just going to be an incredibly beneficial option to a lot of you and your business, whether you're just looking for a little extra support. Someone to help make your calls with you, or maybe you're super busy and want someone to weed through weed, through the bad numbers, weed through the people that they know answers. Just do that for you and turn over warmer leads for you. That's that's the ultimate goal that we have. Perfect. And it seems like people do fall into multiple categories. There are. Believe it or not in this day and age, there still are realtors and investors that just don't want to pick up the phone and. Our program doesn't work real well. You'll do okay with the mail. It amazes me how many people have been with us for years and just rely on the mail. You're not going to have nearly, if you're in a competitive market, you're probably not going to survive on male alone. If you're not in a real competitive market, you may be able to get a decent ROI. Probably 10% of what you could get if either you or someone else picked up the phone and follow those letters up with the call. So ideally we would like for you guys to use these people to, to put, a elimination service to eliminate the ones that aren't ready, aren't serious and put good people, motivated people in front of you to call. But we know there's a certain percentage of you too, that just, aren't going to pick up the phone and. That's okay. It's, it's almost as good as just having these people call. The ideal situation is if you also call, but if you're not going to do it, you're not going to do it, then, use our ISA to at least get you to the appointment stage where they say, okay, I'm ready to meet with you, whether it's on phone, on the phone or in person. And. Either way. Your, your conversion, rate's going to be much higher, if you make the calls, whether it's you, whether it's someone else or whether it's a combination of the two anything else you want to add to the ISA programmers? Any other comments or give someone? Yeah. If someone does want to just know you're going to, you're probably going to be two to four to six weeks out before we can get you started. But again Just send an email to Bruce or support it. All the Bruce at all the leads or supported all the leads. And we'll get you on the, in the list. Call better way. Go ahead. No, that, no, that's, that's fine. We'll we'll get you in the list. We'll send you a Google form. You'll fill it out. It'll go on. The team will give you updates on where we are with, with ISS for interview. It's not six weeks. It's really two, three weeks at most. So you're not that far out that you are three weeks out. Perfect. Yeah, we'll get in there before the line does get six weeks out. So see, I was just future pacing. That's probably where we're going to be after this call, Bruce, anything you want to add to, or any announcements on foundations? When are the next class coming up and how people can get into. So guys, if you've taken foundations and you've specifically gone through the dialogue training I am doing a follow-up role-play call next Wednesday. For those of you who've watched or come through foundations before. I don't want to exclude everyone. Yeah. But inevitably what happens is I get people that come in and confuse those that are following the specific formula that I teach on a phone call if they've never taken the class. It's a little bit, please forgive me if I'm limiting it to you. If you've, if you've taken the class or watch the videos or something. But if you have, we're doing a play call next Wednesday at noon. And that'll be about an hour and a half break out room. So private small group role-play with a little bit of teaching in there as well. Perfect. Okay. And guys, we have only one person in the queue I, I don't think we've ever had one of these calls that hasn't gone an hour. So please jump in there. Questions, comments, concerns. We're always looking for. Two winners every week are our probate winner. The week is if you have a specific probate related win, a contract signed whether you're an investor or a realtor, either a listing or a contract signed a deal closed. And then the idea of the week winner is just, it doesn't have to be probate related. We've had some great ones over the last couple months. Just let us know, it's, it's a crazy, crazy strong sellers market, virtually every everywhere within the sound of my voice. Certainly I think everywhere in north America. So, we, what are you doing? That's outside the box. What are you doing? That's a little bit different, to get listings, to, to get contracts signed, to differentiate yourself from the competition, because it is. Fortunately or not, it's probably the easiest time in history to sell your property on your own. So what are you doing to provide that extra value that people do want to list with you? Or they do want to sign your contract if you're an investor. All right. We have one in the queue. Make it quick. Whoever's in the queue. We only got 45 minutes, so, and please guys jump in there and star six and hit one. Plenty of room for everybody. Let's go to our first caller this week. His phone number ending in nine nine zero two. Rick Wilson here, how you thought was doing today? Hey Rick, you are our frequent flyer. It's always good to hear from him. Yeah. So I am just I won't miss one of these sessions Martin death or disability. I'm going to be here cause I get so much from them and I really appreciate your time. Speaking about that Wednesday call. I did go through the foundation class some weeks back I believe. And you mentioned that will be, is that you're going to email us on that. Is that what you're going to do, Bruce? Yeah, everybody who's been through that. It's going to get an email here in the next couple of days, just with an announcement registration on it. So it'll, it'll be now commit with the zoom link for that. Okay. Cause my, the question I had was today was I worked on a dialogue for widow widower. And because I think that that case comes up obviously frequently. And so I I wrote it down as and the caption was going for the, no, trying to get as much information in front of them, knowing the likelihood they're going to say, no, I'm not interested in handle the objection. So I don't know if I want to do this now. Or you might maybe wait to Wednesday is out. Well, I mean, we got a little bit of time. Oh, okay. There you go. Here's here's how I'm going to give you the dialogue. Okay. Then you're going to play the okay. The widower. Okay. So I'm going to, I'm expecting to know if you say yes, we set the appointment. Of course. Here we go. Let's do it. Ring, ring, ring. Hello answer. Hello, Bruce. How are you doing? Good. Yeah, Bruce. Yeah. It's Rick will to, you don't know me, but you might recall a letter I sent to you a while back. It was in a large envelope stuff with a blue pin, but I was giving you a quick call today because I offer surviving spouse, say concierge service for a variety of services. If you will. Related to real estate like property repair, maintenance, broker price, opinions, unclaimed property searches, maternity referrals were appropriate and many low cost or no cost things to do to enhance the value of real estate. I was just curious, does that sound like something that might interest you? You know, I gotta tell ya. I'm so swamped. I, I don't, I don't, I don't think so. I'm pretty good. Right. Okay. Well, I appreciate you taking the moment with me. Sounds like you're not looking for help at this time. Is that correct? Yeah. That's that's right. Okay. So, oh, let me ask you this real quick. If you ever changed your mind, do you think it'd be okay for me to stay in touch? Yeah. Sure, sure. I don't see any problem with that. Okay. Well, before I let you go, What the future might look for. You look like for you say in six to 12 months, when you have the probate all wrapped up and your now mine is in a different place. Of course. Are you leaning towards staying put, or might you consider sale and selling. Well, I'm probably my kids are after me to move to Florida. I hadn't really made that decision yet, but they're thinking, they're thinking I'm going to move down there. Okay. All right. Well, listen, I appreciate the opportunity to stay in touch and I'll reach out to you from time to time. You'll have my contact information know on the letters I've sent to you. And just so that I could see, I have a checklist, I think might be helpful. It's not an end-all any of the letters. I like to email that to you. Could I get your email address? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I I'd say that's okay. Proofs. Well, I promise I won't be a, I won't put you in on some kind of drip email just as this, it will be very specific information. I think this will be helpful work based on what you told me, where you're at. So to speak. I mean, your email addresses Bruce at Gmail. Super-duper I got it down here. Rose, thank you so much for your time. I appreciate the opportunity and I'll look forward to talking to you again here sometime in the future. Okay. All right. Thank you. All right. Have a great day. So that's what I've been doing. I'm sure they're done better on that call, but yeah. Well, pretty solid all in all solid until the end. And you had you definitely had a big opportunity to pull the pull more information out. But following the formula, you went you laid out the elevator pitch. I, I I'd like you to break your introduction up a little bit with a question in the middle. So it ran a little. All, but for the most part, it followed the general formula that we, we went over. I can tell you've been practicing it. So throw the throw, throw another question in there. Ask for permission. Remember the, remember what the gate is? The gate is. Western, I don't know if what I do is a benefit to you. Do you think I could take a quick second to tell you a couple of the things that I offer where you just went straight into the offer and it was fine. It really wasn't too long, but I might want to break that up a little bit. And then at the end you ask the real estate question and I said, yeah, I'm not a hundred percent sure. My kids are wanting me to move to Florida. You could've, you could've just kinda asked me to expand on that. You could've said Florida. Okay. What do you think Florida would have been? Probably natural for me to talk about that, but I purposely abbreviated the, I didn't want to monopolize monopolize everything today, but yeah, I think, yeah, once he said Florida, I said, oh really? I would have said where, because I'm very, I'm from Florida and sold real estate here for 20 years. So I've nuts. I know every white place in the road on that for them. So, yeah. I agree. I probably could expand on that and probe a little bit more, got a little bit better rapport going as well in that process. Okay. Well normally I would think Jeff and I would both say, we appreciate you keeping it abbreviated. Cause we have other callers, but I don't know if we do. Yeah, no, there's still, Tim was on the call. Now I was going to say real quick, we have some pros on this call. We got bill, bill, bill, Jay. I will call him. So I don't mispronounce his name. I see Mike Montoya's on the call. Anybody who wants to jump in and participate, please? But no, no one else is in the queue yet. Just hit star six and hit one. If you would like to actively participate in what was your question? I just didn't know if you had any feedback on the on that roll footfall. The only thing I noticed at the end there super-duper kind of Labels you as a baby boomer, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. So, that, that I, that I identified with right away, it just felt a little bit the thing I like is that you're not stiff. I mean, you're, you're, you're trying to joke around a little bit and you're trying to be comfortable with the people. It just felt just a little bit choppy and, and you're, the more you do it, the better you're going to get at it. Yeah. I mean, just the fact. Yeah. Yeah. And it's a role play is it's an unnatural situation. Cause you probably. Respond better to, if you listen well, which I feel like you probably do, you probably, have more realistic responses to somebody you're actually talking to, but I, yeah, I give you, I give you a B for that. If I had to grade for, they do a good job and every time yeah. Every time you've done it, I think you've improved. So that's a good thing. Keep it up, taking the heart. I mean, I've I've practices. Uh, so many times by myself and and of course live live is key. Uh, an actual prospect, a prospect is important and I may have making the calls. I just have not been able to connect. And I, uh, I know that it's just a matter of time, but I've talked to a handful of people and I've gotten some positive responses. The only thing I thought, I, I couldn't honestly self correct. So not criticize, but critique myself. I could've gone for I might've even gone for if, cause you've seen my kids open to it using that. I think the gate that you gave us is oh I think, let me think of it. Hold on second. It's the one where you said I, I have a simple proposal. Is that it for a decade, but yeah. Do you mind if I make a proposal? Yeah. That one there. I probably could have tried that one at this point, even though he told me he's not ready to sell, I'm not sure what he's going to do. Would that, would that be pushing it too hard? Do you think that that. Not really, but but I usually hold the proposal back and I want it just so everyone knows what, what I'm talking about. Let me, let me take a quick moment to to teach the concepts real fast is when I was growing up on my dad's farm in the mountains of Virginia. So yeah. I got one West Virginia farm boy with Chad, and now you've got a Virginia farm boy in the mountains with me. As I climbed the fence all the time to go from one field to the other or one pasture to the other until dad would catch me. And he, he was never very happy seeing me climb the fence. He'd always say, that's what there's a gate for. You just took, took a year off of that fence, his life. I'm going to have to rebuild it in a couple of years now. And so he's fun. And he'd always make me go through the gate and I treat conversations the same way. You could like bull right through a fence or climb over it. And a lot of times you could do the same thing in a conversation. You could just keep talking and talk, talk, talk, talk, talk until they either hang up on you or they tune you out. But if you if you think about a conversation gate as a request for permission to go to another piece of the conversation, it's, you're going to have a lot more engaging dialogue. And so a gate is just simply an ask or a request for permission. To go somewhere else. So the first, the first gate that I use is, look, I don't know if what I do is right for you. Could I take a quick second to share with you? A couple of things I offer another gate is, after you have, and this is what Rick was just talking about after you have a little bit of a rapport built with someone and you're ready to close for an appointment, you can say, Hey, do you mind if I make a quick proposal? Another gate that I use all the time is, is it okay if I share why I do this? So that's the why gate. So I want you to think of different places in your conversation where you're asking permission to share different things or, or, or um, offer more details that you need to ask permission. Because once they've said yes, then you've got some buy-in into the rest of the conversation. Um, so Rick, uh, the proposal gate that you were just mentioning, I would probably wait until I had a little bit more of a rapport before doing that. Um, but it's certainly a valid, a valid thing that you could do in the, in the conversation. Okay. All right. Well, listen, that was very helpful. And maybe some additional notes here and you know, each time I think I'm going to get better at this for sure. And I am one last comment. I was going to say, I am. Actively pursuing attorneys. I think that's real important. And I am getting meetings with, and I'm getting some positive feedback from them based on the techniques, uh, again, got from the foundation, uh, uh, foundations course that, uh, that I took. So that's that's I see that could be very hard. Perfect. We have one, we have one more person in the queue and Tim, I think you wanted to add something. Thank you, Rick. Appreciate you participating. And Rick, before you go, one thing, I'll also say this privilege outside absorbance, the one super cool thing about using the gates approach or pivot or the other. There are a lot of other terms that get applied to that, but you're changing the conversation in a way that you want to change. Is that you're also getting them to say, yes, you're asking their permission and they have to say sure. Yes. Okay. Whatever, all those are affirmations. And the sooner you get somebody used to saying yes to the things that you're saying, that's the positive emotion people are looking for. So, you know, that's, that's good news in that. And that's what makes that gate thing also extremely powerful. Do you have any, I just wanted to touch base on, because I've got to get back off. I had to get off a call to get on this. I want to jump back on the call I was on, but I didn't want to forget to mention. A bunch of you have filled out the, uh, form that we mentioned on the last call that we had. Uh, it's also in your drop down menu at the top of your portal when you log in. But if you log into your portal and change the URL to forward slash PP form, you'll be able to enter information that says you have interest in learning more about our new pre-probate program that we're working on. And if you need more information on that, certainly feel free to ask it on this. I'm sure Kim can answer your questions. Jim may likely tell you that it's going to be released tomorrow. Don't believe him. It's not true, but we are working on it to get it done. We've got developers on it too, and we're excited about doing it and it's got interesting. Yeah. Protecting your county and your market for this. Take a look at it, certainly without any obligation hop on there and fill that form out. So we know you're interested in, you'll be among the first group that we call to contact about it. As soon as. So with that, I'm going to jump back off. I've got a, I've got to run, but, uh, uh, carry on. All right. And I would also add there's uh, there's uh, excuse me, Bruce. I just going to add also, before you go, we'll go ahead. If you had a question for Tim, you go first. No. I just said, thanks. Tim said, Hey Tim, didn't what I was going to add in the same place that Tim referenced. You could also go on. If you do have a customer for probate cash, if you run into any of the areas of an estate, we mentioned it last week. We now have a affiliate partner that will advance without, without a mortgage or a loan or a whole lot of, uh, Um, you know, detail work, uh, paperwork, they will do a cash advance on a probate. And if you refer someone to them that takes advantage of their program, uh, they'll pay you a $300 marketing or referral fee. So again, don't forget about that. If you, if you're interested in that program, uh, I think there's a pull-down link at the same location, or just email us supported all and we'll and we'll connect you. Uh, all right. Well, we have two in the queue guys. Thank you. Next up in the queue is phone number ending in eight five seven three. You're up next? Hello? My name is Kalia. I just got my lead last week and I've been calling today. Of all the lead that I'm not, I'm only 13 out of 16. So I'm out of the 13 so far. They didn't or a lot of the calls are then on DNC. Yeah, so I haven't gotten someone just talked to yet out of the 13 I do. I just shows people, are you calling the DNC's or skipping the DNCs? No, I'm it's DNC. So I've been skipping them. Okay. All right. So voicemails are pretty common, really no issue. As you get more and more leads don't I would not advise this yet, but as you get more and more leads you've may consider a dialer that way you can just automatically drop your voicemail when they, when they don't answer. And you don't have to wait through that voicemail period. But what's, your I'm running into is fairly common. I mean, it, it is it is a large portion of people on the do not call lists and it's weird. A lot of them don't even remember going on. I've seen, I've seen attorneys business lines on the do not call list. That's just completely ludicrous me. If they would put that on there, but but it is a, it is a fair, fairly large number of people on the do not call list. What was there did I just overlook the question in that or where you at you not gotten there yet? There's just a lot of people that out of the 13 so far, do I just skip all those people. And since they're all the phone numbers are our service and on the DNC, did I just forget all those people and just to the rest of my life. Well, so this is where and we get this question periodically. It's One of the most important questions that you could ask. It's also one of my least favorite questions to get to because we, we can't we're giving you that data with the DNC list tagged on it, flagged on it so that you can make that decision, your business. And that, that sounds like a cop out on our end. Say, Hey, we're giving you all the numbers, but you have to make the decision. But it really does come down to you needing to make the decision as to what, what you're going to do with those numbers. There are some arguments to be made that They've published in the newspaper and they've published on, on probate with the county clerk's office and made themselves available to field calls. There are some arguments that can be made there. I'm not gonna say that those are risk-free arguments. I can tell you that that if I am calling personally in my own, in my own business, so. This is a you choose whether to do what Bruce does or not. If I'm calling and I'm offering a service, it's pretty rare that anyone's going to get upset with me. And I don't think we've ever had any of our subscribers, those that that scrubbed the do not call lists and don't scrub the do not call it. I don't think we've ever had anyone get in trouble. And if you do, if you choose to call and somebody says I'm on the do not call list, you fall on your sword really hard. I'm so sorry. I won't call you again. Please forgive me. Okay. But but the, the decision has to be up to you on what level of risk you're going to take is we're giving you the list with with those you're not calling members tags, and some people choose to call them all. And some people don't, I'm going to tell you if you don't. You re really need to double down really hard on the ones that are less. So really, really go after them more aggressively. Instead of calling everyone twice a week, you might call that smaller number every three days for a month. So you go pretty aggressive until they answer the phone. Because obviously any time you're cutting 75% of your list out, or your phone numbers out you need to be more aggressive on the ones that are left. Jim, would you. Yeah, no, I would, I I'll verify one, a couple of things. You said Bruce, that we're eight years in the business. Now we estimate somewhere around 10 million phone calls have been made by our subscribers. We're not aware of anyone getting a complaint. About three years ago, we had someone. Tell us, they got a call back from an attorney saying, my client was on, do not call us. Please don't call again. I mean, that's so far that's the extent of it. And I would agree with Bruce says we're not attorneys. We can't take a legal position. We have had attorneys tell us that when someone. I agree is to be the executor of an estate. They're putting it out there, then I'm the person to contact. So if it went to court, they probably have less of an argument. Then you know that a fisbo who's getting called all day long. And I would say from conversations with our subscribers, that I think a majority of our subscribers, I don't know what percentage, but a majority of them do call all the phone numbers and it's. It's just one of those things. It's risk versus reward and whether you want to do it or not. In addition to what Bruce said if, if you're not going to not only triple or quadruple up on the calls, but maybe. Increase your mailings to everyone there's still no, do not mail lists. So I suspect the people on the DNC are getting called less than the ones that aren't. So maybe be a little bit more aggressive with your mailings, maybe send them more often and send them longer. And, and quick question for you is that all, is that all the leads you have is just 16 leads. Is that what you said? Oh 60. Okay. That's a lot better than 16. Good, good. Get my lead in so besides my conversations, but I haven't had any yet because all on the DNC or out of service, so it's disappointing, but I do want. Yeah, the good thing is you don't have to have a high conversion rate to have to get a good ROI from this. And I can't stress this enough that I still buy and flip properties. Whenever I'm looking for something, I go to the one to two year old leads and I never failed to find a deal there. So as you're getting new with us, don't forget. Whether they're on the DNC or not, but especially if they are, if you're sending them three letters, maybe send them six or wait a few months. And then we have a six month letter that we recommend that you send out 80 to 90% of the people you send it to are going to be sold. But the ones that aren't, you're going to have zero competition, chances are nobody's contacted them in months. And now they're finally ready to do something. So, you're just going to have to, once you make the decision, you'd have to work a little bit harder, but a 60 is a good amount of leads. And, you'll, you'll start to get some deals in there if you stick with it. But it may just take you a little bit longer to get traction. If you're, if you're not calling them. Okay, thanks. Yeah, hopefully I'll make a conference today. All right, well, welcome aboard. Thank you for the call. We have one more in the queue. You're very welcome. We do have one more in the queue. We have plenty of room for more guys. Just hit star six and hit one. And next up this week is phone number ending in nine six one six. You're up now. Hello there. This is Minal from Illinois and I'm jumping right back into probate here after a hiatus. And I had grabbed my listings from or my leads from about two years ago. And I spoke with one one, I want to say. Person, it's not the administrator, but it sounds like just to give you a little bit of a background of this group there's 15 involved in this particular I want to say probate a case and there doesn't seem to be much. Yeah, it's a pretty large group. And it took, it doesn't seem like they're in a rush because this was from 2019. And the person who called me back is not the listed administrator. So it seems like there's different tasks that are being handled by different people and there's people with different parts of information and they haven't really organized all of that. So, But I did go ahead and speak with the lady and she's not the administrator, but it seems like she's taking the lead on the real estate situation. So when I spoke with her, she mentioned that she, they organized an LLC. And I guess my question is I know that this is different than a regular sales. So my number one question would be what paperwork should I ask them for? And then also the second question is what would be your recommendation for managing such a large group like this? Because this is It seems like they're everywhere in different pieces of information. I have to find out that they did have a lawyer on the case where she didn't know that off the phone. And when I ask questions, they're not very I want to say they don't answer or they're just, it could be because they're not certain, but I'm not getting Of response for a lot of the questions, but we have an appointment set for this weekend. So, I'm just going to move. Yes. I'm pretty excited about that, but definitely just curious what your feedback or what's your advice would be in regards to managing everything cause it's so everywhere. And then what paperwork? I should probably prompt them to bring with them. If I could, if I could bruise somebody make grow, brussel will some great advice for you, but two real quick comments, your case in point what we were just talking about a two-year-old lead. I think, probably 80% of the people on the call would throw away a two-year-old lead a two year old fisbo or expired is absolutely worthless. A two year old probate kids still have value. And one other thing I was going to add before I let Bruce answer The most profitable flip I've ever done year to date. I made well over a hundred thousand dollars on it. There were 12 errors and it was, it was, it was hectic. It was a job getting everybody on the same page, but. The good news is they weren't real hung up on getting top dollar. It was for a quick sale. They took about $10,000 each less, and they were glad to move on with it. So sometimes the more errors, the better the deal you can get, because when you divvy it up, it doesn't make that much difference to each of them. So those are they're they're high work, but they could be really high reward deals. And then Bruce, what specific advice do you have? Well, the paperwork is not going to be all that on, on unlike any other real estate deal. I would probably ask to see the copy of the will and the letters testamentary to so that who is administering this estate, if they don't have letters, testamentary, or if they don't have a copy of the will, then. We're going off of their word as to who the, the actual errors are. So if they could provide those you'd be in pretty good shape. Who are you meeting with? Is it just one person or is it like the whole family or what? What's that meeting going to look like? Oh, well again I'm not getting much responses when asking, so it sounded like, she gave me a few days. I know that she said that she would be there, but again, she's not listed as the admin. So she said most of the group, and I don't even know what that number is would be there on Saturday. So I am. Going forward with really not much clarity. And I'm going to push this through as much as I can, but I will ask for that letter of testamentary. But again they do have an LLC formed, so I don't know if they want to. I mean, should I talk to the lawyer at some point, because it sounds like they want to sign in as like a LLC, but I'm not clear on that either. So I would ask for an introduction to that attorney while I was, while I was at the house. I don't think I'd do it until I was until I was at the house, but I would ask while I was there, I'd say, Hey, who, who has the best relationship with the attorney? Just that, whoever it is. And say if I'm, if you guys are comfortable moving forward or at least moving to the next step it might be beneficial if I had a conversation with the attorney, is everyone okay with that? The answer is yes. And of course, if you present it in a confident way like that, it's gonna be. Then then who who'd like to introduce me. Could you either do a phone introduction with me real quick, either today or a different day? Or could you do an email introduction and if his primary point of contact his or her primary point of contact introduces you? Then yes, the attorney could really help out a lot. Tell you look, I, I don't he might tell you these people can't sell anything. They're, they're all over the country, but it's worth the conversation with the attorney. As far as your paperwork goes, that's going to be super easy, just a regular listing agreement. I assume you're a, you're a real estate agent, right? Right, correct. Okay. So just a regular listing agreement. You're going to sign probably the, the estate name at Al but it might be in the individual heirs names. That's what, I don't know. So that's, that's where I'm going to speak with a lawyer because they may have some way of, wanting the LLC to sign on this. So that's where I'm not clear about. Sure. Yeah. Sorry. You mentioned the LLC three times and I just skipped right over it. Okay. That's where the curve ball for me also comes in too. So that's why I'm like. I'm not sure, maybe because I wouldn't, I wouldn't want the paperwork to be invalidated if it is the LLC that needs to be signing on it and who. Needs to be the the authority on that. So I, I think, like, like you said, speaking with the attorney and having once we get to that part of relationship building or, when they feel comfortable, having that conversation with a lawyer is also going to be key. But also. This group seems to be everywhere. So how to be the one to navigate the waters in regards to this is it sounded like Jim had a little bit of experience with a big group like this. I mean, any kind of advice in regards to giving some kind of a. Navigation or direction for this group to get this going and with the less amount of chaos as possible, I'm S I'm assuming that the probate has been filed. That's how you found the lead. It's a two-year-old probate. Yeah. It came from, it came from all the leads, so, yes. Okay, good. You know who the executor is. And does the executor seem to be, is the executor one of the atmo or more active people you're talking to or is it another error or is it just the executor you've spoken to. It sounds like from what this contact person said, she's, the executor who's listed on the probate case is not really as active. Like she needs some help. I guess group is pretty large. And it seems like the person I'm talking to who is not the executor is the person who's running. You know, the, the, the, the ship in regards, at least to pushing the real estate forward. Sure, but she is one of the errors though, correct? Okay. So all 12 are errors and the person you're dealing with have they exp 15. Wow. I'm back at my deal with 12. That's a record I've never heard of 15. You see for a large family, large family. Yeah. Has she indicated, she indicated to you that. It's dead. Are there any of them that don't want to sell or is it just. Is it, is it opposition or apathy? That's made it go so long. What would you say? You know, to be honest with you, I did not get to that, but it seems like there is a lot going on in people's lives. There really was no rush. It seems I mean, it didn't sound like, I, I would say. Just the mundane every day and with COVID and all of that. And it just seemed like a lot going on and no one is really taking on the responsibility 100% or even 50. I mean, it seems like less than 50%. You know, I could be wrong. I'll get the dynamics when I see them Saturdays. Exactly. I would try to stay engaged with the executor, but go with the person who you have the traction with already. And I would absolutely, like Bruce said, have a conversation with the attorney. One thing you're going to have to watch out for, with the attorney, hopefully this isn't the case, but he might be perfectly happy having collected two years worth of fees. He might be happy pathetic to, some attorneys. Are more about how much fees they can collect and getting them getting the job done. So you need to respectfully have the conversation with the attorney and ask him just tell him that, that I've spoken to. At least two of the errors. And it seems like the majority of the group or everyone that I'm aware of wants to sell and it's, with COVID and blame COVID, just assuming that it's not these attorney's fault with COVID it, everything that people I've talked to are getting a little bit, a little frustrated. So I'm just, I'm just looking for some guidance from you. What's the best course forward with this. And I mean, really all you need on the listing is the executor signatures. So, and who are, who are you meeting with? Are you meeting with the executor or the, the driver that you, that, that you're in good rapport with or. I'm actually meeting with the the person who's driving with the, the person who's responsible who seems to be at least responsible for the real estate at this time. I will email her just to let you know, I will email her. I think it'd be a good idea. Now that we're talking about this to email her and ask if the executor who was on the probate case to be there. W just to ask if she'll be there, otherwise I'll restart a hundred percent, if you can. Yeah. A hundred percent, if you can, or at least at least by teleconference or, by phone or, or whatever. And Bruce, you had it, you had a comment to Bruce. Well, I believe that you set others. If there are a bunch of people that are going to be there, I would try to get an idea of how many just say, Hey, how many, how many of you guys do you think might be able to show up? If there are a bunch, then that's a really great sign. A really great sign because it means that they're finally on the same page. And I would bet that the reason they haven't been motivated is because they're splitting a hundred thousand 15. They're probably just not motivated for their $6,000. Surely I would try to get a bead on how large of a group you might have. And then I I'd go in there with a plan and try to break it down, break your your conversation down into a couple of points. You know, primarily your religion. Ma management or real estate sales topic. I usually hit two or three points under real estate sales, two or three points on your property, maintenance and clean out two or three points under my vendor relationships. And when I'm going in, especially when it's a large group, and I know that not every single decision maker is going to be there. I'm normally going to drive for the second stage of the appointment. So when I walk in and said, Let's list. I'll walk in and say, if this, if everything makes sense, I'm going to ask you guys to introduce me to the attorney. And then after the attorney will all come back together, either at the house or over like zoom or phone and we'll nail down up nailed down a plan for that. And it looks that way. Everybody is on the same page with exactly what everybody's expecting, because I guarantee if it's eight people that are going to show up one of them, isn't going to have any idea that, that they're talking about selling the house, especially if they're all over the place like this. Sort of defining what the objective for the meeting is, is going to be really good. If not before the meeting the appointment, at least when you start the appointment now, like right, when you walk in define what the objective is going to be, so that you're not surprised and they're not surprised. Okay. Okay. That sounds good. Well, hopefully that was helpful. Congratulations. Like I said, in the beginning, congratulations on work at a two year old lead in. Please keep us posted. And if you need, if you need help before the call, just reach out to us directly. We'll see. We're always here to help. I appreciate you sharing. All right. Well, we have. Thank you. We have one more, one more in the queue that should bring us up nicely to the top of the hour. It looks like last up this week is phone number ending in five, nine, seven, eight. Looks like you're up last. Hello there. This is ladies, ladies night at or ladies stay at all the leads. That's great. Hello? Hi, I'm new. And this is my first time being on the call. And I'll see you guys. Well, I feel a good job. I've learned a great deal since just being on the phone for this couple of minutes. And I am so grateful that I mean, you guys are really able to ask any questions because all this process has come from different angles and even so just listening in, I, I guess a few things of what to do and I'm writing it down. Great. So is there anything, did you just want to say hi, or is there anything specific that we can help you with? Yes, please. I definitely have to ask the question. I have. Yes, I have the pro property that I've been looking on and I tried to call, so the cockpit belongs to some lady who went to. To a facility. She got sick from the hospital. She was taken to the facility and she died. And so I, I checked her for all her contacts and she doesn't have the next of kin. She asked me half of it for four years. So she died two years ago and just to keep it on the system, but for some families, it just fascinating. She was, she lived before she died. We've not claimed the profits probably because the, with pay. So at Kohl's the the public cost and price and make inquiries as to how to purchase the property. Since there were no excuses right now, I didn't, I couldn't find anybody to link to the proxy or contracts or next. And they said in that phase, you have seven years. He has a tactful in just on the peak for about two years. It's still not in foreclosure. And you said that the property is free and clear. But this would be like a tax lien that, that they would foreclose because of taxes or would this be a, a mortgage foreclosure? It's not the mortgage as a model. It shows that she left from the house to the facility. And then when she died, I, I dress got to re I look at them back to the property. So she owns the property free and clear, but the only, the only reason ones will be foreclosed on is the cause of his tax on me. So she has two years back taxes. And I think you have to have at least three years before it's published. So it's not published. It's not public and there's no, there's no next to pin that you can find. Yes. I haven't seen any mess of him. I wanted to go publish it in the news different and but I didn't want to jump the gun, but I really didn't. I was talk, I called several offices and they were like, okay, maybe we just show this into foreclosure, but you know how the market is like now, One thing. One thing real quick that I missed is this one of our probate leads are not, it's not. Okay. So it's not, it's just a, it's an outside lead you're trying to locate. Gotcha. Okay. Exactly. It's not even, like the probate cost. We're not aware. I just called her accent. Yeah. Pre probate, right? Well, there are no, then it really won't go into probate cause somebody would have to initiate that. So this is very unlikely to be, to to be probate. If there, if there's not an. If you can't find an air I'm completely lost on how you would proceed with this. Cause it, it really is gonna end up being that foreclosure situation. And you're, you're not gonna force the government to foreclose on a property before they're before they legally can. So I think this is a waiting game and I, I might be wrong. I really, really might be wrong, but it's a unique. Yeah. The only thought I would have is put a note on the door and send a letter to the house and just see if maybe there's somebody who's keeping an eye on the property that knows somebody that has an interest in it, or see if your letter gets forwarded. It they're both long shots, but it's, it's worth a try, for the cost of a stamp and put a letter on the door. And I mean, you never know it does it look like the grass is being cut? Is it being maintained? Okay. So it's on the street where the neighbors watch out for each other and it's because they don't want and rats all over. The always caught the grass we tried to. Okay. So if you look at it from outside, you probably think it's someone that has been lazy about cutting their grass. You wouldn't think it someone, I mean the health. Yeah. Yeah. And the only other thing you can do like Bruce said, just keep an eye on it. And eventually it'll probably go to tax sale and, maybe you can get a good deal on it that way, but yeah, you can't force a probate, so, but try sending a letter, put a note in the door and that's about the only other thing I could think of a long shot. It's worth a try. I tried that already and spoke to at least two of the neighbors already. Yeah, sorry. We're not much help, but that's, that's a tough, that's a tough one, but I appreciate your asking and let us know if you, if you find a solution for it, please. I will definitely. All right. Thank you. We have one more that jumped in the queue. We have a couple minutes left phone number ending in six, six, four zero. Your your line. Hey guys, Eric Baskett here in Los Angeles. Quick question for you. I, I'm not really deep with investors. I got a guy that I, I called yesterday. He's interviewing some people. He just wants a cash offer. Doesn't want to play commissions or anything else. Have any of you dealt with Zillow offers or Redfin offers where they buy the property as it is? Zillow. Yeah. Yep. There, there are. Depending on the brokerage you're with most brokerages also have their version of a Zillow or a an open door offers. I have not dealt with Redfin it's it shows my naivety, but but I didn't think Redfin actually bought houses. They might advertise it, but I've never seen a buy one. No. So Zillow I would probably go to, if you don't have an investor I'd go to open door because at least they'll pay a commission. But I would bet that you name your city and you'll have 14 or 15 investors that call you and ask you to do the deal with you right off of this. Yeah. I feel like I'm up against a lot of competition. It is Los Angeles and people are paying, lot. So I'd rather, I have my guy, but you know, he's of course wants to make a big spread. So I'd rather not completely and get something else is nothing. Yeah. Just an add on to what Bruce said, go to our Facebook group. We've got I think we've got 20 some thousand people in there now. Maybe more than that, I haven't looked lately. Cat could tell me, but we we've got a bunch of people in there go to our Facebook group and just say realtor with a good deal. Looking for an investor in LA. And I'd be surprised if you didn't get a couple of clarify what you okay. Or it will clarify that now I, I'm generally not going to encourage you to go to one of the big buyers like that. But but I do know, I know that they'll pay you a commission and and they'll make a generous, a generous offer and you'll get a commission. I would argue that they'll make you an offer. Don't make an offer that is more than the house is worth in a lot of cases. So you might need. Yeah. Yeah. I haven't experienced it with Zillow cause they usually, I mean, they're a brokerage and they're there and I guess open door is at this point as well. But Zillow wants to use their agents where open door will will allow you to represent the deal. Okay. And typically I almost feel bad giving that advice. But yeah, but it, it might work out for you. All right. Well, we appreciate it. Thank you guys. I've got a hard drop off at two o'clock in the queue is empty. So I want to end this call, like I always do. I want to thank each and every one of you for being here. I want to particularly thank you. Those of you who actively participated. I want to challenge each of you. Take one idea that inspired you on this call. Go out and put it into practice and please come back next Thursday and share your results with the group. Have a great week, everybody we'll talk to you. Same time. Next Thursday.