Grounded in Simplicity

Getting Started with Chicks and Ducklings | Episode 11

March 30, 2021 Bonnie Von Dohre, Danielle McCoy Season 1 Episode 11
Grounded in Simplicity
Getting Started with Chicks and Ducklings | Episode 11
Show Notes

Are you thinking to start raising chicks and/or duckling?

Keeping backyard chicken and ducks is a wonderful way to offset your food costs by getting fresh eggs or meat. This is the best way to have self-sufficient lifestyle. But there are some specifics you’ll want to know before bringing your first chicks or duckling home for the best success.

Today’s episode is a fun one, we're going to be talking about how to get started with chicks and ducklings and we will share our own useful and funny experiences in raising them.

This will help you decide which to raise between the two or if you want to raise both. Also, what breeds to choose based on what you need and desires are. A lot of these breeds can be used for meat or lay eggs but not everyone wants to raise them for meat so you might be interested in breed which are good for egg laying whether chicken or ducks. This is a jam-packed sharing that will excite you to start as soon as possible.

Everything You Need to Know About Raising Chicks and Ducks

  • Pros and cons of having a chicken or duck or both
  • How to care for chicks and ducklings
  • How to protect your chicks and ducklings
  • What to expect from chickens and ducks?
  • Difference between raising chickens and ducks
  • What good temperature that ducklings and chicks need.
  • What to feed the babies and adults
  • Vitamins and the nutrients that they need and right amount to give them 

Tips and Hacks to Succeed

  • Recommended bedding to use
  • Best food to feed them
  • Where to buy chicks and ducklings 
  • Where to buy supplies
  • What breeds of chicken  and breeds of ducks are available and is best to buy
  • Ways to find laying hens
  • Causes the chicks/duckling to have pasty butt and how to avoid them
  • What heat source you can use
  • Safety tips to avoid the harm for the babies
  • Tips on how to avoid buying birds that have disease that may affect your flocks

FAQs That Will Be Answered

  • How many chickens do I need to start?
  • Who is more aggressive, chicken or ducks?
  • If I want to raise organically, what are the best option?
  • Can the chickens and ducks live together?
  • Which one is better to start with, an adult or baby ducklings and chicks?
  • How many eggs can a chicken lay in a year?
  • Do I need a rooster for the hen to lay eggs?
  • Which one grows faster, chicken or ducks?
  • How long does chicken lay eggs?

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