The PedsDocTalk Podcast

10: Anxiety in Children

May 07, 2020 Dr. Mona Amin
The PedsDocTalk Podcast
10: Anxiety in Children
Show Notes

In my practice, I feel that I am seeing anxiety more and more in the teenage years and early childhood.

Mental Health is important to me and I have always felt we need to go "downstream" into childhood to establish healthy coping skills.

We cannot ignore pervasive signs that our young children may have anxiety so we can intervene and teach them healthy coping skills and give them the support they need. 

On Episode 8, I discussed Meditation in Kids and on today's episode I discuss The Anxious Child.

I speak with Reena B. Patel who is a Psychologist, Author, Mother, and Parenting Expert with over 20 years of experience. She has a wealth of experience working with patients with autism, ADHD, anxiety, and so much more. She wrote a book called, Winnie and Her Worries, which is geared towards managing anxiety in children aged 3-10.

On this episode we speak about her book, Winnie and Her Worries, how to recognize signs of anxiety in a child, why anxiety may seem more prevalent now, how to talk to children about the COVID-19 pandemic, some basic tips to manage in parenting an anxious child, and when to seek care from a Pediatrician or Mental Health Professional.

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