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003: Having A Baby Changes Your Relationship With Your Partner

March 11, 2020 Jessica Hessels Season 1 Episode 3
Badass Moms Club
003: Having A Baby Changes Your Relationship With Your Partner
Show Notes

Having a baby is bat shit crazy....yup, I said it & it is absolutely true! There are so many unknowns and SO many things no one tells you about.

Enter the "No One Tells You..." subset of the Badass Moms Club where I dive deep into topics that no one is talking about but are very real and are happening to all us moms. 

In this episode, I dive into how having a baby changes your relationship with your partner.  The reason I really wanted to dive deeper into this topic is because to be quite honest, I was unpleasantly surprised at how rough Emmanuel and my relationship became when Esmé came along...and I know I am not alone. 

I've heard people say it was the roughest time in their relationship, they don’t know if they could do it again, the arguments lasted upwards of a year and marriages ended because they couldn’t get through this time.  


And yet this was a total surprise to me prior to Esmé being born! 

I had it in my head that when Esmé arrived, Emmanuel and I were going to band together like a mini army and it would show us just how strong we were as a couple. I knew there would be an adjustment period but I really thought we would lean on each other. But that’s not what happened at all...we were shown just how strong we were as a couple but in a very different way.

Tune in to hear how the birth of Esmé impacted our relationship, how we got through it and at the end I will give real strategies to help new parents work through this adjustment period. 

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