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They're Gunna Kill Us

Sam Castro & Sean Bedlam

Samantha Castro and Sean Bedlam teamed up during Occupy Melbourne, Australia, and have been anarchically fighting side by side for all sorts of justice since then. They've been arrested and tackled by the cops in the streets too many times to count, occupied State Parliament and got injured in the process, been dragged out of the US Consulate, occupied the British Embassy, fought the police in court on ridiculous charges again and again and have supported, nurtured and trained young radical activists all along the way. By encouraging them to glue their bodies to the inside of Federal Parliament. For instance.Sam and Sean have often said to each other over a beer that what they say when they have a drink a together should really be a TV show. But a podcast will have to do.The funnest possible deadly serious activism talk. Is what it is.There is a lot of podcast action that isn't any kind of voice of street activism and there's plenty of anarchist stuff that is sensitive to the needs of others to the point of being unlistenably earnest. But they're gunna kill us. So let's have fun.