Quizbeard #43

March 19, 2021 Stephen Griffin Season 2 Episode 43
Quizbeard #43
Show Notes

Today's round are:

  1. Cinematic catchphrases 
  2. Sport 
  3. Science and nature 
  4. Films set in Scotland 
  5. General Knowledge 

So Black Spots at the ready for Quizbeard number 43.

Hello, and welcome again to Quizbeard, your regular dose of trivia, with 25 questions over five subject rounds. 

There are, though, 30 points to play for because you can play your BLACK SPOT card in any one of the five rounds.  Playing your BLACK SPOT means you’ll be awarded double points for all correct answers in that round and that round only.  Please remember to declare your BLACK SPOT before the first question of your chosen round has been asked. 

A rundown of how to play can be found at Quizbeard.com/how, and you can also print your own answer sheets and BLACK SPOTS from the Quiz Kit page of the website, or get hold of the Quiz Kit book from Amazon.

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