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Serene Dominic Gets Played! Speculation Pt. 2

March 14, 2021 Onus Playhouse / Serene Dominic Season 2 Episode 10
Onus Playhouse
Serene Dominic Gets Played! Speculation Pt. 2
Show Notes

The latest episode of this Onus Playhouse podcast highlights more of  the Serene Dominic album, Speculation, released August 13, 2013. In Part 2, Serene and co-host Steve Asetta  run down the next seven songs of a record Serene used to delight  in telling people is a better album than Rumours. Find out what Speculation track our hosts  consider Less Killer and More Filler, what delivery system  Serene first discovered  and fell in love with Miss Wanda Jackson,  what two songwriting exercises Serene utilizes to clear the  cobwebs and what town back east Serene considers a shithole. 
Songs include "1791 (ye olde delivery system...)," "The Girl Singer," "Woulda Coulda," "Designated Driver," "Edison"  and "You Sexy, Sexy Sex Fiend You!" Plus a bonus cut, "Wearing Out My Welcome."

Click here to stream the entire Speculation album

Click here to watch "The Amnesia Record Club" video directed by Running Wild Films

Click here to see the photographic evidence of Serene's 2015 record collection collapsing onto itself!!

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Catch Serene Dominic's weekly livecast "The Human Torch Floor Show" every Thursday at 8:00 MST on facebook.com/serenedominic

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