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Dark Lullaby: Episode 1: "A Permanent Time Out"

October 31, 2021 Onus Playhouse / Serene Dominic Season 3 Episode 1
Onus Playhouse
Dark Lullaby: Episode 1: "A Permanent Time Out"
Show Notes

How do you steel yourself against a random universe that seems determined to turn you into an accidental killing machine? Onus Playhouse attempts to answer that question with Dark Lullaby, the Serene Dominic musical directed for the stage by Sheri Amourr for four performances in downtown Phoenix  in  2018. Our story begins in 1989 at San Jacinto Federal Prison, which periodically invites troubled teens from Lymon Juvenile Detention Facility to listen to Death Row prisoners' hard luck storied in an attempt to discourage them from a life of crime. And music. Enter Tom Reynolds, a once-gainfully employed guitar player now fronting a death row prison band. Reynolds recounts how trying to get to the West Coast to reunite with his actress girlfriend Joanna, led to a string of accidental murders.

Songs in this episode include "San Jacinto Death Row Prison Band," "Titillation" and "You're Gonna Know All About Me."

Tom Reynolds -
Serene Dominic
Warden Oliver Crosley - Jim Dustan
Stinson - Mark Stinson
Pasco  -  Anthony Liccesse
Jemsek - Andrew Jemsek
Joanna -  Kristen Saggau
Ted Shackleford - Matt Strangwayes
Scary Foot Fetish Prisoner - TR Press
Narrator -  Kevin Vaughan-Brubaker

Joanna’s singing was performed by Lisa Marmur
All songs were written by Serene Dominic and performed by San Jacinto Prison Band
Original Cast Album available on Onus Records
Dark Lullaby was directed by Sheri Amourr & Serene Dominic
Original Musical Score by Steve Asetta
Also available on Onus Records
Fashions by Botany 5000

Click here to stream the Original Podcast Cast Album available on Onus Records
Click here to stream the incidental musical score by Steve Asetta, also on Onus Records.