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Serene Dominic Gets Played! Cutting Tailor Modern - Pt 1

September 06, 2021 Onus Playhouse / Serene Dominic Season 2 Episode 14
Onus Playhouse
Serene Dominic Gets Played! Cutting Tailor Modern - Pt 1
Show Notes

In the first part of this two-part episode, Serene speaks frankly about his worst-ever album or least loved album anyway. Cutting Tailor Modern is the sixth of eight albums he recorded for the RPM Challenge in the month of February, 2015 (where you record a whole album in 28 days).  It didn't get released so much as it escaped, with Serene trying to get other people to record the individual songs as Onus Records' Single of the Weekend instead of pushing a latest album under people's noses.

Shell-shocked from a sudden breakup and the loss of a patriarch several months before, Serene goes on a multi-song pity jag.  Among the topics discussed in this first  batch of songs: popping caps and taking Phil Collins at face value, a dance craze for the hesitant, Elvis Presley's last bowel movement and  fading songs out.
Songs include "Primitive Man (I Ask You)," "C'mon Do the Hesitation," "I've Known Her to Be That Way," "(You're In) Girlfriend Heaven (Now)"  "Ginger Come Running,"   and  "Our Ship Has Sailed."

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